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  1. 2020 Si/5D Front Fascia Garnish Retrofit

    Do the garnishes come with those rectangular cutouts too? Or are they coming off your existing garnishes? I know the radar cover is ordered separately, but what about the other side? Thanks.
  2. 27won Intake CVT

    Thanks for this. I went back through and read the thread. Funny, I was I need to drill out a hole? I like the idea of heating up the plastic and pushing it in a bit. Something 27Won should have done for CVT folks. Do you happen to remember what bolts you used in those male / female...
  3. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Did my first DIY oil change. 21k miles on a 2018 EX-L hatch. Oil changes were done previously at a Honda shop a block away from work. I figure that I’ll save about $100 every 3 oil changes. Also changed out the CVT fluid with Amsoil. What came out was a dark amber/honey color. Not black like I...
  4. 27won Intake CVT

    I sure did. Non Si. I guess I’ll call them next week for some tips.
  5. 27won Intake CVT

    Is the 27Won intake compatible with CVTs? I’m having a hell of a time getting this thing to mount. I can’t seem to find info telling me differently. Thanks.
  6. Dual Horn Upgrade

    Do you lose space to mount dual horns or Hella Horns if you were to install an intercooler upgrade? Like 27Won's. Thanks.
  7. 27WON OEM Intercooler breakdown blog & R&D strategy

    I'm looking forward to this product and will be purchasing it. Will we get an install video? Something to help with a smooth install and document the "gotchas" along the way? Thanks.
  8. Is This the Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP)?

    Does anybody have a part number or link to a pigtail connector that replaces the connector circled in red in the original post? Mine was chewed by rodents. Thanks.
  9. DC Sports Front Upper Strut Bar

    Thanks gtman. Just pulled the trigger. It is amazing how many perfomance shops have this item up on their websites for purchase and none of them have it in stock. It would be nice if they actually listed them as OOS and didn't let you order.
  10. DC Sports Front Upper Strut Bar

    Anybody know where this product is in stock? Thanks.