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  1. Chrome Delete Fail.

    I am pretty much on the same page. I've done it about 3 times now (haven't bought pre-cut vinyl yet) and still see chrome poking through where I've messed up. Guess aesthetics aren't my expertise
  2. Get UP TO $500 OFF MSRP on Borla Exhaust Systems

    Had the Borla on my Si for a few months now, they have yet to disappoint, it sounds fantastic :thumbsup:
  3. Chrome Delete Fail.

    Go slow when you get to that back section, it is a massive PITA to try and get the vinyl to fit perfectly with the bottom of that triangle. There's nothing for the vinyl to wrap around so it has to fit flush almost perfectly for no chrome to peak through.
  4. Civic Si Borla

    Honestly forgot, my bad. Glad you reminded me, got plenty of time while in quarantine
  5. Buy used K-tuner just for rev hang delete

    Honestly, not said much in the forums but with an aftermarket exhaust (have a Borla myself), the rev hang gives lots of good crackles as opposed to without it. So maybe consider an exhaust if you'd like those sounds. Also if you add a starter tune with a Ktuner you can turn rev hang on and off...
  6. FS: OEM Gloss Black Si Grille

    Oh I'm sorry! It's not anymore, I forgot to remove the post
  7. Best next upgrade?

    Intercooler is the way to go. DP has nice sound and a bit better turbo spool but the car definitely has cooling issues after it's been running for a bit. I can feel the power start to drop after it's been running for about 30 minutes, even more so on mountain runs.
  8. Pandemic storage

    What my family does for storing cars is run until empty then fill up with ethanol free gas and get some long term storage fuel additives for it and run the car long enough for any old fuel to have been flushed out (you can repeat refilling with ethanol free twice or more depending how OCD you...
  9. Understanding Mods and Tunes?

    More power will always increase wear on an engine and increase the possibility of a blown engine, but keeping boost low, not flooring it all the time, proper maintenance, and purchasing quality parts (so far all you've said are good quality) will reduce the risk of this. Intake will help the...
  10. Ktuner secondary O2 Sensors

    Yeah, not sure what mods you got but with aftermarket exhausts theres more pops with the hang. It still pops with it off but not as consistently
  11. Ktuner secondary O2 Sensors

    Did you also disable rev hang? It pops more with rev hang on.
  12. Time for an upgrade to a type R!!! And some si upgrades I’m looking to part with

    Lucky! I've been drooling over getting a Type R ever since I got my Si, but I'm afraid it's just not within my budget right now. Good luck with the switch!
  13. FBO Coupe Breaks Up Around 3200RPM

    Again I shall ask, when are we getting some freaking aftermarket injector options for Si??? I've been teetering the last few months between waiting for injector options or removing flex fuel and getting PRL Cobra CAI Race MAF + TSP Stage 1 tune for it (only been running 93 octane for a long...
  14. FBO Coupe Breaks Up Around 3200RPM

    Source? Just curious, I haven't heard of adjusting spark when altering boost and thus have not done so.
  15. 20 Si wipers

    My 2018 does the same. Nothing to worry about
  16. Cutting / opening up existing fake vents on front bumper?

    Okay, it seemed like from the installation video that it was sitting way down there. It wasn't meant to be difficult that's what the quarter turn fasteners were for, so you could even put them on with a key or a quarter. But if there isn't much water getting down there then nothing to worry about
  17. Cutting / opening up existing fake vents on front bumper?

    So I definitely want to open up the front fake vents, especially seeing that the PRL intake places the cone right behind the fake vent. However, I worry if this might cause water to be sucked in more when it's raining. Should I worry about this? My plan to combat this was to waterjet a piece of...
  18. Infotainment CPU usage at idle and sound quality

    As an additional question, anyone tried upgrading the computer hardware so it runs better? Hell I got a cheap Chinese head unit for my old explorer and it runs better than this stock head unit.
  19. Civic Si Performance Upgrades

    I'd save the 400+ hp dreams for a car better equipped from the factory to handle that kind of power. Most popular mods for the Si are CAI, exhaust, fp/dp, tune, intercooler, etc. With those you'll probably see about 55 - 65 whp increase from stock and 75 - 90 lb-ft torque increase. Those are...
  20. Trying to Find Civic Owner with Front Decal

    Update: I found him, his ig is @flipchino_fc3_si