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  1. 2019 OEM LED Fog Lights Work on ALL 10th Gens!!!!!

    I would leave them. If you want to change the look you could add the Laminx film on the lens. Honestly the led bulb is probably going to be performance wise similar to your oem led housing. Return your bulbs and replace your headlights with led bulbs unless your headlights are also led already
  2. 2019 OEM LED Fog Lights Work on ALL 10th Gens!!!!!

    The OEM leds have polycarbonate lens not glass. Maybe Thailand models are different but US models in 2017 were halogen/glass
  3. 2019 OEM LED Fog Lights Work on ALL 10th Gens!!!!!

    I am pretty sure that is for both since it says “lights” when doing research on replacing the originals some websites would sell them as singles and you would have to clarify right or left since they are specific to the side
  4. Finally made a decision for Si driving gloves.

    I didn’t know “driving gloves” were a thing other than gloves when it’s colder than a well diggers A$$ and the heater takes forever to warm up!
  5. Has anybody bought the red Honda emblems from ICBMotorsports.Com?

    I don’t know why you just don’t order them from any of the online Honda parts places and then you don’t question if the parts are legit.
  6. 2019 OEM LED Fog Lights Work on ALL 10th Gens!!!!!

    Just wire them direct or get a new plug. There is a top side for the plug to slide in all the way -just FYI if you didn’t notice that.
  7. 2019 OEM LED Fog Lights Work on ALL 10th Gens!!!!!

    I ended up getting morimoto xb on a good sale. I put yellow laminate-x on and I changed my grill as well w red badges.
  8. 2019 OEM LED Fog Lights Work on ALL 10th Gens!!!!!

    If your just changing the bulb, yes. If your changing the housing like to Moromoto XB, No
  9. DIY type r badge

    How was taking off that back panel and doing it the right way ? I am going to install my type r badges this weekend hopefully
  10. Swapping 2016 Touring Grille with 2020 OEM Black Grille?

    Yes plenty of people have switched it out with the same year sport model or type r grill Front Grille: 71121-TGG-A01 Front Emblem Base: 71125-TGG-A01 Right Front Grille Extension Assembly: 71124-TED-T01 Left Front Grille Extension Assembly: 71129-TED-T01
  11. OEM LED fog light worth it?

    I have been trying to find pics Yes I finally got my black grill and red badges. I have a broken fog lens, so that is next on the list and will install everything once the weather breaks!! ❄️
  12. OEM LED fog light worth it?

    Thanks for posting. It’s been a needle in a haystack trying to find a sedan with the led upgrade.
  13. OEM LED fog light worth it?

    I was hoping someone with a sedan could post a pic with the new led foglights. How do they fit?

    Yes I am not afraid of the modification it’s the fit after trimming the tabs. You have an si, I have yet to see a plain sedan with the smaller foglight bezels and how the morimotos fit those or even the Honda led fitment

    Yes I was debating the same with all the fitment issues with the morimoto fogs. Do I replace the halogen and use laminix. And then just upgrade my low beams to led or hid!! Not an easy decision
  16. Latest Hikari LEDs are very good

    Yes lots of good info on the site listed

    Has anyone with a sedan replaced the halogen fog lights with the newer LED fog lights? I am stuck between getting the Morimoto XB LED and the Honda LED foglights to replace a broken lens. I know there is a fitment issue with the morimoto and the sedans from what I have seen, but do the Honda...
  18. Morimoto Type S fogs install questions

    How is the fitment of your morimoto foglights, Can you post a good photo? thanks
  19. 2019 OEM LED Fog Lights Work on ALL 10th Gens!!!!!

    Has anyone with a standard sedan(non si etc) replace their halogen fogs with the newer led fogs? I am wondering about the fit. Are they smaller than the halogens and have the same fitment issues as the morimoto. I cannot decide on which to get. Looking to see a good photo with the upgrade with...
  20. Morimoto Type S Fog Light on Sedan

    Is this the gap after leveling the foglights?