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  1. FS: Spoon Sports Front Zero Bump Steer Kit.

    Bump for a good seller!
  2. PEEFREE's Civic Type R FK8 Build thread - Track / Street

    @Lust @.grimace Price depends on the size and complexity of the parts. The mani was $250 (not applicable to the CTR), turbine housing ~$125 and the DP was ~$175 (the DP on the Evo is shorter than the DP + front pipe). Shipping is paid by the customer both ways. The Evo was my weekend and...
  3. PEEFREE's Civic Type R FK8 Build thread - Track / Street

    @ipeefreely What a great build thread! Thanks for taking the time and effort to document everything you've done to your CTR. It's definitely a great resource for the community. I'm coming from an Evo X MR (DCT trans) that I use to run HPDE here in Illinois. Guys were having over heating and...

    @SakeBomb Garage Do these rotors require pads that are thinner than standard to fit within the caliper? I have Carbotech pads for the stock setup that I don't want to swap out.
  5. Aftermarket Exhaust Ticket

    I'm in Illinois and got pulled on the highway in a construction zone doing 45mph in 6th when I had my Evo X with catted DP and ETS titanium cat-back coming home from a track day. (No way I was over the dB limit at that RPM) Trooper was really cool. He wanted to talk about cars and the track. I...
  6. Catted PRL downpipe and frontpipe

    I ran TC105N's on my Evo X and never had issues even over big curbing. I was thinking about getting the TC105X's for the Type R. How did your's bend?
  7. Take off parts

    Do you have the PRL filter that comes with the stage 1 intake?