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  1. Rebuilding front end + other issues

    i haven't driven it much, just from the street into the backyard, but i did leave it running for about 20 minutes
  2. Rebuilding front end + other issues

    Hello eveyone, just today i picked up a summer project to get my feet wet and kill some time. 2017 lx 4dr, manual. suffered mostly cosmetic damage, runs and drives fine except there's no parking brake, the brake system and brake lights are both on and the parking brake won't engage, it just...
  3. Help with wheel size...pls

    Hello everyone. I want to get after market wheels for my sedan. I've been looking around and I like the look of the 19inch wheels, I have in mind the konig oversteer 19x9.5 40offset 5x114.3. My question is will these fit properly, without rubbing and what tire size would I need? Thanks in advanced