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  1. wanted : AF dynamic short ram intake red for 1.5 civic sport hatch

    Thanks for the responses guys! And hfpdohc, I did try using the smallest ring size (3") and it was still too big for the piping. Maybe I got a defective intake or something. :dunno: I'll look into an Injen filter as well. Nice engine bay zspeed! Wish I could keep mine that clean haha.
  2. Passenger rear jack stand not grabbing well.

    ^ Agreed - and if you absolutely must work under there, throw a wheel underneath next to the jack for additional safety measure.
  3. wanted : AF dynamic short ram intake red for 1.5 civic sport hatch

    Apologies in advance for hijacking the thread, but I just ordered this filter for the AF Dynamic intake but it looks like it's too big for the piping. AF Dynamic has a 2.75" diameter piping, whereas the filter has a minimum of a 3" diameter. How are you guys getting this filter to fit? I'm...
  4. Show me your sick vinyl decals?

    Another Bleach fan! Love it. Rare to see these days. :D
  5. [WTB] PRL 1.5T SRI (Non-SI)

    Putting this out in case anyone has one lying around. Interested in purchasing a PRL short ram intake for my 1.5T hatchback! Let me know if you have one and how much you’re looking to get for it.
  6. Typhoon's Sonic Gray EX-L Journal

    Holding up well so far! I'm at roughly 42,000 miles now and the car has mostly been problem free. I hit a big pothole a while back that destroyed both tires on my passenger side, but aside from that, it's been pretty reliable and affordable to maintain. I've done all of the maintenance myself...
  7. Typhoon's Sonic Gray EX-L Journal

    Exhaust tips easily slip onto the stock exhaust tips! No cutting or additional modification of the stock exhaust. Since then, I've changed to a different exhaust tip. I went for a more subtle look since the first set of exhaust tips started rubbing on the bumper. Car is still going strong...
  8. PRO Design Track Style Front Lip for 2017 Honda Civic

    Thanks for the quick response! Great to hear on all those points. Do you have a link to the item? Also, how’s the finish? Any plans on painting it at all?
  9. PRO Design Track Style Front Lip for 2017 Honda Civic

    Wow. This is the lip I’ve been waiting for! What’s the install going to look like in terms of attaching it into the bumper? Does it include any hardware?
  10. FS: 10th Gen Civic Aluminum Pedals (AT)

    Thanks for the interest guys. These are sold!
  11. FS: 10th Gen Civic Aluminum Pedals (AT)

    I believe there is a plastic dead pedal that comes stock, but I don't think there is a kit out there that includes an aluminum dead pedal cover too.
  12. FS: 10th Gen Civic Aluminum Pedals (AT)

    Selling a new set of Civic aluminum pedals for the 10th Gen Civic - automatic transmission only. Price is $60 + shipping.
  13. What is this button?

    Agreed. I’m surprised they had to drill two holes to install that thing. Almost looks like it could stick on with tape.
  14. Retrofit Yakima Q Tower Rack

    In for updates. I’m in the same boat.
  15. FS: 2017 Civic Hatchback EX/EX-L Wheels

    Good point! Don’t have much space with my current living situation. Maybe I’ll stack these and make a coffee table or something.
  16. Just got my Rally Armor mudflaps!

    Nice! Had these on my previous car - Fiesta ST. Wonder if they’ll fit a hatch in EX-L trim. Can’t wait to see pics!
  17. FS: 2017 Civic Hatchback EX/EX-L Wheels

    Hey guys, Up for sale are wheels from my 2017 Civic EX-L hatchback. Rims are in excellent condition with no curb rash, scratches, etc. Tires have been used for roughly 26,000 miles, with maybe 10-15K miles more to go. I don’t have tread calculator so I can’t say for sure, but they have been...
  18. Thoughts on this front lip.

    Not bad. I think it’ll look a lot better if the parts covering the bumper were color matched.
  19. steering wheel not centered

    Don’t have a Type R here but I have the same exact issue on my ‘17 hatchback. Have to keep it turned a bit to keep it straight. It used to drive me nuts with my OCD :rolleyes: but I’ve tried not to look or think about it when driving. I’ve learned to live with it for now. May finally take it...
  20. Typhoon's Sonic Gray EX-L Journal

    Thanks! I didn't buy an actual kit, but I followed this guide I found over in the T4R forums. Basically, I bought 2x H9 bulbs and used a wire cutter to remove the extra plastic piece needed...