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  1. Official: Civic Hatchback Prototype Unveiled!

    I think the "prototype" part gave them free reign to go nuts on this concept. Maybe as a preview of some Type R bits. Based on the coupe and sedan I have faith the production is going to look just right and lose a lot of the tack-on feel with this concept. Even still, I like it. It's super edgy...
  2. Video Eyecandy: 2016 Civic Hatchback Prototype

    A few more I found including when they revealed it and spinning on the carousel. Gotta say the rear is pretty nutty. If they can take it down 25% for the production version it would look good IMO.
  3. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    41mpg already? Very nice. Please post some pics when you've installed the LEDs. Always love the look and feel of proper interior lights.
  4. Photoshop request

    I think the closest we have is the Galpin car. The part under the chrome is not body colored tho. I'd like to see this too from one of the resident Photoshop experts.
  5. 2016 Honda Civic goes 6.7s 0-60 -- tested by Edmunds (calls Civic a game changer)

    Curious any chance they do this for the coupe or did they announce already no changes to transmission for the 2 diff styles?
  6. RallyeRed (Latest Update 4/14/19)

    The wheels turned out great on the Rallye Red. Really well done!
  7. RallyeRed (Latest Update 4/14/19)

    Looking forward to seeing this. What lights will be replacing the stock ones? Anything from the likes of Diode Dynamics yet for the new Civic?
  8. 2016 Honda Civic is Finalist for North American Car & Truck of the Year

    MX-5 is a great car I think it may take the award but the Civic should definitely beat out the Malibu. Are they going to rank them in order?
  9. New Here! ... 16 civic in near future. :)

    Ford sells a ton of Fusions. Next to the F150's it is probably their most profitable car. Luckily for them the new Civic isn't encroaching on its space even if it grew a few inches. The Focus/Fiesta on the other hand...
  10. New CivicX member...Getting new Civic in January!!!:-D

    Welcome to the forum! If you can find both for relatively same price, I would opt for the Touring. A lot of Touring owners here and everyone seems really happy with their cars. Whichever trim you go with, the Aegean Blue is a great color choice.
  11. New Here! ... 16 civic in near future. :)

    In 8 months the coupe should be in dealerships. Are you looking to get a coupe or sedan? The Fusion is a pretty large car, even the Civvic sedan would feel good deal smaller in comparison.
  12. In-Depth Official Review. Picked up my Cosmic Blue Touring last week!

    Great videos! First time I've actually seen Honda Sensing in action. Sometimes I feel all these driver assist features actually make for worse drivers.
  13. Came home with this last night...

    Congrats! The tint on the black on black is going to look great. Please update with more pics when it comes back from your dealer next week.
  14. Just brought home Burgundy Night Pearl Touring

    Love the color combo you chose. The interior is such a class above now I don't know what others are talking about. Look at it! The two tone is such a nice touch. Congrats on the new ride.
  15. Not totally impressed with Civic sedan interior quality

    What trim was it? Sounds like you only saw the fabric seats?
  16. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Hah that's awesome. The screen size actually makes that usable and legible. I'm so jealous of you guys.
  17. First modified 2016 Civic Sedan - by Galpin Auto Sports

    First time we are seeing the deck lid spoiler? I like it. Wish it was body colored so we could get a better look.
  18. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Where y'all been driving it? Still waiting to spot my first one on the road.
  19. 2016 Civic PROS & CONS: Sedan Vs. Coupe

    Do we know what the weight distribution will be on the coupe? Taking that much out of the rear could make it a very balanced car
  20. Orange/copper vinyl wrapped 2016 Civic sedan

    I appreciate the effort but don't like it. A darker wrap might be nice but that is not doing it for me at all. It makes an otherwise very classy looking sedan look cheesy.