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  1. Modest Mods (2016 Civic EX-L)

    Exactly. No need to block out plates online. Not like you block it out when driving on the road. @Shnitzen Gruben Car looks unique and sporty!
  2. 2016 Civic vs 9th gen Civic Si Acceleration Tests by Hondata

    That's great news! Finally someone stepping up with some tuning. Some people have said that CVT equipped cars can't effectively be tuned, but I assume that since you guys are doing so, we'll see a flashpro for the 2016+ Civics with CVT? Still too early to share possible gains?
  3. Bottom of car

    Look here. You're probably ok.
  4. Manufacturer of turbo for New Civic?

    Yup. I definitely don't mind having a Mitsubishi made turbo (and not Honda made) in the car. If they're good enough for that many OE applications, they must be reliable.
  5. What do you do for a living?

    Must be nice not to worry bout big brother watching your internet history because you are big brother :)
  6. Honda Civic North American sales broke 30k units in November

    With turbo engines usually comes the tuners and tuning crowd. Though we probably won't see much tuning done on this car until the manual Si comes out or the manual transmission comes to the standard model. And yea this will be the most popular gen Civic yet.
  7. Black Roof... Or... No Black Roof?!!!!

    I like the black roof look, it'd go nicely with your wheels which have black barrels and semi black spokes. If you do black out the roof, you gotta black out the chrome parts too - front grille bar and window trim.
  8. New Deep Concave Custom 19 inch wheels on LX

    Lowering won't affect resale value. He just has to put the original suspension back in when selling the car. Great to see that the car can fit some concave wheels. What offsets are these?
  9. TEIN Testing & Fitment

    Thanks for sharing. Will they be making both springs and coilovers? What other plans you have for your car after suspension. My favorite keychain ever is by TEIN :)
  10. What do you do for a living?

    These are always interesting threads on other forums. So... what do you do for a living? I've been a pharmacist for 5 years.
  11. Debadged, blacked H symbol and 15% tint

    That back end looks so clean and symmetrical with debadge and blacked out Honda badge. :thumbsup:
  12. Blistered paint

    Damn sorry to hear. Your heart must have sunk to see that. Definitely speak to the service manager first. If he's not helpful or if they keep stonewalling you then ask to speak to the dealership's general manager and if they're still not accommodating start threatening to post their dealership...
  13. Pre purchase inspections

    Here's a general new car inspection checklist that might help.
  14. 2015 Accord Sport Wheels

    Someone take this man's generous offer. I'd love to see this.
  15. What modifications are you planning?

    There's a great DIY and discussion thread on aftermarket headlight bulbs and foglight bulbs - Should tell you all you need to know.
  16. What did you pay?

    Holy crap I don't think I've even seen a Touring posted here which sold for under $25k, much less under $24k! You got the car for more than $1000 below invoice :confused1: Good job. :headbang:
  17. What do you keep in the car for winter, safety or otherwise?

    After reading this I realized how unprepared I am :) I'll throw some more safety things in the car on a long trip, but during a bad winter I usually just keep an ice scraper and bag of sand in the trunk.
  18. Black EX with Black Wheels

    Man does that look good in the last photo! The fastback shape of the CivicX is just way sleek.
  19. CivicX Type-R vs Tesla Model S P90D

    What about their intended use? If you'll be commuting daily with the Tesla, you'll have to deal with planning out your charging locations and times throughout the week. Same goes for any other use besides commuting actually.
  20. 2016 Civic PROS & CONS: Sedan Vs. Coupe

    One pro for the CivicX coupe is it will have at least one additional color compared to the sedan. We've already seen it in the green color.