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  1. Clutch Slave Pressure Relief Valve and Adjusted Clutch Master

    Centripetal: I checked my clutch line and it was ok. Here is how I installed it: 1. Connect both ends to the hard lines, but do not tighten. 2. Make sure braided line is in a relaxed state, meaning it is not fighting any twist or bend in the line. 3. Tighten carefully, making sure braided line...
  2. Pressure Brake Bleeding

    Yes it was quite tight, but it will go in. Just got to make sure it sits squarely against the opening.
  3. Clutch Slave Pressure Relief Valve and Adjusted Clutch Master

    Thanks for the heads up. I will check mine.
  4. 2016 Civic Touring with Turbo- how long do I need to leave the car running before I can safely take it for regular (highway like) driving?

    What your mechanic means is drive normally until oil temperatures come up. Motor oil does not lubricate optimally until it hits 80C/176F. Oil temps lag behind the dash's temp gauge.
  5. Does anyone have MAF sensor wiring diagram.

    I agree with this. There is no potential voltage difference between 4 and 5. There will be no current flow and therefore, no voltage drop across the resistor.
  6. Pressure Brake Bleeding

    Here is an alternative: Put on a 3/8" hose, 3/8" hose barb to 1/4" male NPT fitting and some hose clamps.
  7. Can I limit how far my hatch opens?

    Check out this site for struts. The site teaches you hot to pick the right length and pressure. You'll have to figure out what rod ends work on our car. I got a couple of struts from them for a carbon fiber hood of another vehicle. It has been a...
  8. Clutch Slave Pressure Relief Valve and Adjusted Clutch Master

    I noticed a few drops of brake fluid on the aluminum pan right below the clutch slave cylinder. I have done the following to my clutch system: 1. CMC adjustment for maximum fluid displacement. See video in the link below...
  9. Does anyone have MAF sensor wiring diagram.

    Sorry, I wasn't wanting to implement SD on the FK8. I was showing the process of how I got the IAT wires on the MAF and why I did it. I agree, MAF is definitely more accurate and to some extent, adjusts to the modifications. However, once you exceed the sensor's limit and go to a bigger...
  10. Does anyone have MAF sensor wiring diagram.

    Speed density uses manifold absolute pressure (MAP) and rpm to compute fuel. Mass Air Flow uses mass of air with a hot wire, as you said. In the STI, very creative programmers use the MAP, IAT and rpm to compute the the MAF value using the Ideal Gas Law. The result is the computed MAF which is...
  11. Does anyone have MAF sensor wiring diagram.

    #3 is +12V. i think #2 is ground, #3 is 12V. This supplies power to the hot wire. #1 airflow signal output. #4 IAT sensor output & #5 supplies IAT +5V. *edit* Take this with a grain of salt, I'm just trying to figure it out.
  12. FK8 Intake Tube Purge Jet

    If anyone wants to learn how the EVAP system flow, here it is from the FSM. Non-USDM cars do not have non-return valve A and merge point 2. Wow triple negative in that sentence.
  13. Does anyone have MAF sensor wiring diagram.

    Cross reference the ecu pins above and the ones below. My guess is it is the BLK/YEL & PUR wires. Terminals 52 & 63 below or 4 & 5 above. You may want to test if you got the right terminals by a test method in the STI FSM. Of course Ohm readings may be different. BTW, I went to an external...
  14. FK8 Intake Tube Purge Jet

    ineedahonda's reasons are in post #9 of this thread.
  15. FK8 Intake Tube Purge Jet

    I think the purge system of the US is unique when compared to the rest of the world. You can find the part numbers in the UK website. Here it is: 36164-5K8-003 flange part...
  16. FK8 Intake Tube Purge Jet

    Yes but there are no electronics in part #5. So the solenoid would not know whether it was drawing air from the intake tube or boost tube. As long as the solenoid is there, there won't be a check engine light. If it matters, my car also has the solenoid that goes into that T.
  17. FK8 Intake Tube Purge Jet

    Looking at the parts diagram, there are no electronics involved with that part. Thus, there is no way for the ECU to know it has been removed. I think you can delete it without any problem. My FK8 here in Asia has the parts the OP encircled in red.
  18. Diode Dynamics SS3 Pro Foglights

    Is the OEM yellow light in you picture above the stock fog light with a yellow overlay?
  19. How would I install the Sirius Vision Gauges?

    You can also use an oil drain plug with a 1/8" BSPT hole drilled in. Something like this: Do take caution because the description in the above link says 1/8" BSPT, but the picture says 1/8" NPT. Better check with the seller if every you decide to...
  20. PRL HVI CAI - HELP!!!!!!!!

    I never noticed that the stock EVAP protruded like that. I didn't look down the tube. Anyway, what I meant was the PRL EVAP fitting should not protrude into the main silicone tube. You can lay the flange beside the silicone port and see more or less where the end (hose barb side) would be. On...