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  1. How old are you

  2. Front Driver Wheel Noise

    Sucks when you gotta go through hell to figure it out lol. I curbed my work wheel as well trying to figure it out and eliminate other options. I thought maybe the front end link was hitting something but there was some room there as you seen in the picture. So a friend of mine told me the end...
  3. Front Driver Wheel Noise

    Ended up being the front end link. They weren’t adjusted properly. I took the entire end link out and matched the threadings on both sides evenly. As you can see in the picture the bottom was longer then the top. So I did that and tightened everything to spec and no more noise car actually feels...
  4. Front Driver Wheel Noise

    I installed some fortune auto coilovers last weekend. Everything went well except some knocking noises. I already pinned that out to be the front end links. I tightened them up and didn’t hear the noise. This coming week I have been getting now a sort of tapping noise which I was hoping isn’t...
  5. Warning Lights On After Coilover Install

    What’s sup guys, I dealt with this in the past when running BC coilovers. Lights came on. I pulled the positive out and the lights never came on. This time I installed new coilovers lights came on and it’s been a week they have been on. I looked at all four damper plugs they are fine, secure and...
  6. 18x9.5 255x35 wheel setup

    Anything above +30 offset you will be fine. Im lowered on 18x9.5 +30 F and +38 R
  7. What's your SI looking like today?

    18x9.5 +30 fronts +38 Rears. 255/35’s no rubbing. I’m running slight camber front and rear.
  8. What's your SI looking like today?

    Just installed my fortune auto coilovers on it! IG @moorelow
  9. Engine knock when turning engine off

    Normal, your also gonna notice a loud ticking noise when the motor is on and you have the hood open. That is also normal.
  10. Average MPG/miles per tank of gas for those of you that do heavy city driving?

    Im in NYC, close to full bolt ons just missing the intercooler. 22 MPG for me
  11. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Took mine to the dealer here in new york. They cant figure out what it is.. Im pissed, over pot holes and bumps it just clunks like something is loose.
  12. Dash looks like Christmas tree

    I had this same thing happened to months later my battery died on its own.
  13. Civic SI AC blows warm on driverside

    yeah that’s weird. Today was about 88 here in nyc. And I drove for about 30 mins and no cold air. Just cool air like a fan was blowing. I’m gonna get a temp gauge and see what it is. I had a 2000 Acura GSR and my AC was like 49-50 degrees lol. Good times
  14. Civic SI AC blows warm on driverside

    Man my air isn’t even blowing cold at all. Almost like if it’s just the fan blowing air. I’m tinted plus I have a dash cover. Maybe I’ll call it in too.
  15. Ktuner 2017+ Honda Civic SI Stage 1.5 Tune + GOD Mode

    I understand that, but some companies don’t need all the promo. They gonna sell regardless. That’s them
  16. Ktuner 2017+ Honda Civic SI Stage 1.5 Tune + GOD Mode

    possibly. But they been around before every company you mentioned lol.
  17. Ktuner 2017+ Honda Civic SI Stage 1.5 Tune + GOD Mode

    no way that burble was the same as tsp and a muffle delete. Impossible
  18. Phearable Stage 1 Tune

    I love the tune so far. I feel like there's more torque in this tune compared to the TSP.