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  1. C&D top ten list

    But it's received several accolades already. Probably more to come.
  2. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    I took it for its first car wash today! Hand wash only :) Then I find out it might rain in next couple of days... :doh:
  3. What about the manual transmission?

    With all this extra development time for the turbo model's manual transmission, I wouldn't be surprised to see an improved manual when it comes out next next Fall.
  4. 2016 Civic sedan wing spoiler first real life look

    That looks really good! Mini Type R spoiler with the wings that flank out the sides.
  5. Manual 1.5t delayed until 2017 model year

    Thanks. Confirms what some others have posted about a manual coming for the turbo models, but not until next year.
  6. Honda announces 10 speed automatic, HLSI engine tech, 'Tesla killer' on tap

    Sounds like that's what's happening. CVT's are being put into more models but they're continuing to develop the automatic transmission too, like this future 10 speed.
  7. Official BURGUNDY NIGHT PEARL Civic Thread

    These last pics show how the color can go from dark purple to dark black so easily. Probably the most interesting color so far.
  8. Poll: Will Si and Type R remain manual only?

    Honestly I wouldn't mind if they somehow manages to engineer a beefed up and sportier behaving CVT like the WRX has. That gearbox is even robust enough to take on extra power from modifying. Of course I'd prefer a DCT but if that's not possible I'll take a top of the line sport focused CVT.
  9. Top 20 or so "Firsts" for the Epic 2016 Civic

    Great list thanks for your efforts Benjamin! Love reading this type of tech details. It's easy to focus on just HP, TQ, and MPG achieved by the engine but there's alot of other interesting engineering that went into this car. That 12% less drag than previous generation no doubt helped the car...
  10. Clearing '15 Civics first?

    Same with the E46 to E90 3 Series which which saw the engine go turbo. And then E90 to F30 3 Series which saw the steering go electric. This loss of the NA engine and hydraulic steering has pretty much been universal regardless of company/model. And already being squeezed out is the manual...
  11. 1.5 turbo 0-60 video (in Sport Mode)

    Looks like it's slower to rev at first but then picks up. 2200 rpm to 5000 rpm is covered super quick.
  12. 10th gen Civic chassis is lighter?

    The announced increase in power is great but we don't have the other important part of the equation - the weight increase or decrease. That's why I asked about the chassis weight. Curb weight is the spec I'm anxious to hear about. This isn't a race car or anything where every little pound...
  13. 10th gen Civic chassis is lighter?

    Is the 10th gen's chassis actually lighter than the 9th men's platform to start with? Hoping it is because all this added tech and longer wheelbase and extra insulation etc. add weight.
  14. Will 2016 Civic price increase as much as new Accord?

    Cheaper cars are usually going to get smaller price increases compared to more expensive cars so I'm gonna guess that the Civic goes up by less in price than that.
  15. What is the most important info we don't know?

    Agreed I don't think Honda will start a new Type S model in the US. Si badge is very well established now. You hoping for a detuned 2.0 Type-R engine for the Si? I would love to see it too but I think that would bump its price up.
  16. Top Gear - Type R First Drive Review

    No doubt performance will even better! Performance cars like this never take a step back in performance. Looks and feel are another matter, but somewhat subjective. But based on what the spy pics are showing us about the 10th gen, the looks are goin to be hot.
  17. Will the real 2016 Civic Hatchback 5-door please stand up?! New spy photos

    If Honda wants to build up interest they'll probably do the whole prototype camouflage strip tease thing and reveal bits and pieces at a time.
  18. 2017-2018 Civic Type R Coupe Concept envisioned!

    You're not saying that the Type R gets just a 1.5T right? Agree I want to see a Type R Coupe. Would be a great way to introduce the R into the US market where coupes outsell hatchbacks.
  19. CVT transmission any good/bad?

    You said it pulls harder, is that just a butt dyno feeling from how CVT transmissions behave, or does this transmission actually outperform the old 5 speed auto?