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  1. KTuner Flash V2 for Sale

    Sold to Bay Hatch!
  2. KTuner Flash V2 for Sale

    Essentially new Ktuner Flash V2 for sale. Bought to flash my Civic Touring Sedan. Beautiful results. Alas, my lease is up and I'm moving to a CRV Hybrid, so can't use the Ktuner on that. My loss is your gain! New on KTuner's website a V2 is $650. Tuner shops are charging $400 f a flash...
  3. Missed shift and over revved on my SI.

    The car has a rev limiter. As long as that is functioning, you should be fine. If not and it's not due to you changing the ECU, that should be covered under warranty. Either way, just bring the car in for a check up at the dealer and don't tell them you over revved, just tell them it's...
  4. Dealer said my brakes need to be replaced next visit. Is this a realistic quote??

    Clearly, their prices are way too high. However, the question is if you can just replace the pads or if the rotors need to be turned. There will be labor for that. If you've been driving your Type R hard, it's conceivable that your rotors could need to be cut. The issue there is rotors can...
  5. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Survey (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2017 Civic Touring Sedan Total tuned time: 12 months Total tuned mileage: 10,000+ miles Tuning device(s) used: Ktuner V2 Tunes used: First Dual 21psi, now the factory 16 psi tune Additional engine mods: K&N Air Filter Problems/issues: none Fuel: Shell Premium exclusively...
  6. TypeRLEDs - Flashing Brake LEDs.

    I bought them. Now, when I brake, I can't listen to FM radio, as application of the brake pedal causes FM radio distortion. Is there a fix for this?
  7. Factory oil fill

    Well, I have a magnetic plug on my 2017 1.5 T. I change the oil every 6K miles and there is wear debris. Pistons/rings are metal Moving against metal cylinder walls. Same for cams.
  8. 1.5T Have a turbo and a CVT? Considering a tune? Read this!

    Good feedback GT Man! I agree. My 2017 Touring Sedan has the Ktuner dual 21 standard tune. Works flawlessly, no CVT or Turbo lag noticeable. I also upgraded my tires to V rated Michelin Premier A/S and they are great in all conditions.
  9. 1.5L Turbo Direct Injection Build Up

    Just use a brand name fuel, like Shell VPower that has detergent and you should be fine.
  10. 2019 Parking brake button/switch swap

    The electric parking brake has a dash icon that says "brake". If you look at your dash, you'll know if it's on.
  11. 2018 Accord horn upgrade mod!

    The new horn is definitely louder, but still sounds kind of lame.
  12. What does civic x and 10th gen mean?

    I owned a Gen 1, 1975 Civic CVCC coupe with trunk. None of the Gen 1's that I saw in NJ had those front fender mounted mirrors, all were on the door as they are now. 1.5L CVCC engine making 53 HP, 4 speed manual, 12" bia ply tires, no A/C, 30 MPG on a good day. Drove it for 6 years, 160K...
  13. CVT Longevity -

    Just get the Ktuner and re-program the ECU. Your CVT complaints will be gone.
  14. Anybody ever trade in their 2016 Honda Civic touring for a Honda Civic Si? What were your loses?

    If you flash the ECU on the Touring with the Ktuner and use the dual/21 psi tune, the Touring will be as quick as a stock Si. Also, if you get rid of the OEM tires on the Si and put an Ultra Touring tire, the handling is quite similar. With the Si, you lose the LED headlights and get less...
  15. Just bought a 2019 EX - questions

    Just goto the Tire Rack and they'll show you what fits. Aftermarket wheels will likely need a centering ring - they provide it if you buy the wheel from them. My experience has shown that Michelin X-Ice are better for highway cruising, less noise than the Bridgestone Blizzak. The Blizzak is...
  16. Is this a windshield feature?

    I've used only PIAA silicone blades for years and they're great. The windshield prep process is, after cleaning with a window cleaner (do it twice is my advice), they advise you to use a large alcohol wipe they provide. This might be what is needed to try to clean that "swipe" area of the...
  17. This is the worst car I have ever bought.

    It sounds like you just got a "lemon" of a car. I have a 2017 Touring Sedan. I've had zero issues with the car. I have noticed the Honda sensing for emergency breaking doesn't always work as designed. After reading of issues here on the forum, my go-forward plan is to continue to lease for 3...
  18. Fading

    You should get some "Forever Black", automotive exterior trim dye to put on this trim
  19. Why do the stock tires suck?

    The Nokian ZLine gets a good review, but it's a SUMMER tire.
  20. Why do the stock tires suck?

    I had a 1975 Civic CVCC coupe. I put Michelin XZX tires on the car when new (it came with bias-ply tires). I never rotated the tires and just kept replacing the front when they wore down. The right rear tire was on the car for 130,000 miles, until I finally rotated the rears to the front...