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  1. Infotainment software update?

    Does Honda sell the USB stick for DIY update?
  2. The Oil Thread

    I have been using it since my first oil change on 2016 Touring. I am up to 60K miles with no issues.
  3. Brake Fluid code 7 after only 33k highway miles?

    That's my point. The car doesnt know I live in Cleveland so I would get the same code in AZ where my sister lives
  4. Why is my MPG so low?

    Make sure AC says 'off' if you don't don't need it. Remove excess weight from trunk and seats. Check engine air filter. Slow down accelerations. Check tire pressures! Try putting in at least 35psi per tire. Reset the fuel gauge and watch what affects the mpg
  5. What is a turbo?

    It produces lots of torque and power and more horsepower by adding more parts than a normal engine has. More complex but added benefit
  6. Opinions for a new head unit.

    Can an 2019 display be put in a 2016 to get the rotary knob and updates?
  7. So who’s actually confirmed having gas in their oil in their Civic?

    I only put 3 quarts during oil change and it always rises up past the top fill line so its definitely gasoline
  8. Had to use the actual key

    After 3 years and 50K miles this just happened to me for the first time. Opened trunk to drop off some items and then tried the handle with no luck. Used the actual key and got the alarm until I started the vehicle.
  9. Info on 2016 Civic's Hankook Kinergy GT / Firestone FT140 tires

    Michelin Defender are better than Premier. Softer rubber and quieter also. They are excellent in the rain
  10. Brake Fluid code 7 after only 33k highway miles?

    Yes, so when it gets to 10% I believe it would show a maintenance minder on your display. So the code 7 is due when you need your next oil change.
  11. How many Miles on your CVT?

    47k miles (75k kilometers). No issues.
  12. Replaced battery under warranty for the 2nd time in 2yrs!

    -repeated- draining of battery kills them. So sure you can do it like 20 times but you will kill your battery. Study up on lead acid batteries and they are damaged by draining. Irreversible damage especially to the high CCA batteries because of thin plates for more surface area. They aren't...
  13. Replaced battery under warranty for the 2nd time in 2yrs!

    Still on the original 2015 October battery. However I drive the car almost every day. Maybe get a battery tender if letting the vehicle sit more than 4 days or so.
  14. 2019 Civic vs. 2019 Mazda 3

    What about mileage? The 2019 Mazda 3 is supposed to have some new Compression engine that gets an extra 6-8 mpg's.
  15. 1.5 oil engine issue

    "The contaminated oil loses its ability to protect and lubricate the engine". I wonder if they have concrete evidence of this or are they making assumptions. None of us 1.5L owners had any unusual wear metals in any of our oil analysis.
  16. Crush washer

    On my civic, I can undo the bolt out more than half-way with threads showing, and hot oil still doesn't leak out. So the crush washer is overkill anyways. just did a change yesterday
  17. Infotainment software update?

    Remember the maintenance minder defaults to CANCEL when you go to reset it. You need to move the up/down arrows to the items you want to reset. I have the new software and I just did it with no issue, so the update is good.
  18. Oil Dilution TSB

    I believe the fuel dilution was by design for the turbo versions. The fuel acts as a solvent and keeps the intercooler and other parts clean and 'sludge free'. I have no issue with it since there are no excessive wear particles in my oil analysis.
  19. Sunroof Stuck and Broke

    Well by now there should be a Tsb with instructions on how to fix it and which parts to buy.
  20. FT140 vs Michelin Premier A/S

    give it a thousand miles to break in the tires