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  1. Crunch!

    :(:(:(:( sorry that happened. I just test drove one yesterday and fell in love.
  2. Official TONIC YELLOW PEARL Civic Thread

    I test drove one yesterday, my first time ever in an Si and I fell in LOVE! As you can see, I have the Energy Green (EXL) but it doesn't compare to the Si. I still get compliments on it but I'm wondering, what are people's reactions to the TYP???
  3. Potential DMV Meetup?

    Me too!
  4. Official ENERGY GREEN Civic Thread

    Soooooo jealous! :cry:
  5. Official ENERGY GREEN Civic Thread

    I'm looking for an EGP Si, I hate having an automatic.
  6. Third brake light cover falling off

    I had mine fixed in the spring and now it's loose again! My civic is garage kept, so I think they just used a BS material to "fix" it in the spring. Calling the dealership tomorrow for an appointment.
  7. Do racing stripes look good on this Civic?

    That's EXACTLY what I want but it's upwards of $500 here!
  8. #2 DMV Meet Up *closed*

    7/1 is good for me :D
  9. #2 DMV Meet Up *closed*

    7/1 works for me
  10. Strange sound at startup

    I'm taking mine in to get fixed tomorrow while it's in for an oil change AND a "Check Tuner" error on the infotainment center. I'll update with my results.
  11. Official ENERGY GREEN Civic Thread

    :cry::cry::cry: I'm green with envy!!!!!:D
  12. Delmarva

    Northern VA
  13. Official ENERGY GREEN Civic Thread

    I would absolutely trade mine in for an Si just to get the manual transmission!
  14. #2 DMV Meet Up *closed*

    I'm interested, location isn't really a big deal as long as it's a distance similar to the first meet up.
  15. Potential DMV Meetup?

    Hopefully we can do this again in the summer, the fam hit me with some Easter duties! Sorry I'll miss you guys but post lots of pics!
  16. Potential DMV Meetup?

    I'll be there :D
  17. Potential DMV Meetup?

    Sorry to hear that, it totally sux! Some a**hole put one on my driver side door at Target with a shopping cart. Thankfully the clear wrap allowed me to wipe the ugly black mark off.
  18. Potential DMV Meetup?

    1. Yes 2. 12pm-3pm, 3pm-6pm 3. Both
  19. Potential DMV Meetup?

    Thanks for the list! I'm in Springfield but I don't mind going to Frederick.