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  1. 2017 Hatchback Bike Rack

    I too have a Kuat htich rack and am hoping and waiting to buy a Hatchback Sport. I wrote the Honda general manager showing him all the Crosstreks, Ford Focus, and VW Golfs at a bike rally. Many of these owners would love to have the Civic Sport Hatchback but won't because they can't use a...
  2. Civic hatch design vs other compact hatchbacks

    I didn't realize the Sport takes premium, that makes it much less desirable. Just want the upgraded stereo.
  3. Hatchback and trailer hitch?

    In the meantime and before I buy anything ( really want the Civic Hatch Sport Touring) would a 54 Specialized bicycle fit in the back of the hatchback without taking off the wheels ?
  4. Hatchback and trailer hitch?

    I am considering the Hatchback Sport Touring. Has anyone yet made a hitch for the dual exhaust so I can just attach a bike rack ?
  5. Civic hatch design vs other compact hatchbacks

    Thanks for the reply on the bike fitting in the back. I love the Hatchback, want the sport but can't put a hitch bike rack with the dual exhausts. Wish they would come up with one. I don't us roof racks due to bad back and lifting.
  6. Civic hatch design vs other compact hatchbacks

    Can you put a bicycle in the back of the hatchback without taking the front wheel off ? I have a 54 Specialized Diverge
  7. 2017 Honda Civic has an updated Infotainment System

    JD POWERS Consumer Reports marked the 2016 Civic way down on their fact the Civic is no longer rated recommended by CR. Our local sales people had a meeting about this and it is all because of the crappy infotainment center. Honda dropped the ball big time and for those that read...
  8. After 6000 miles or 10,000 km i feel that everything rattles

    We had a 2006 Civic LX bought used with 35,000 miles and it NEVER RATTLED
  9. Consumer Reports 2016 Reliability Rating

    Consumer Reports marks the Civic way down for audio/entertainment but yet they CRV when plagued with Vibration Issues was the top pick. Strange
  10. Finally saw a Civic Hatch in person...

    I got to sit in one - it feels bigger with the taller roof line. And it will hold my bicycle I am sure. I really like it and am for sure getting one after they have been out awhile. It will be so functional.
  11. IOS 10 Problem

    If you go to Apple and search IOS 10 and CarPlay issues you will see the issues are across the board in almost every car that has Apple CarPlay so it is not a Honda issue - Apple totally screwed this one up. Thank goodness I have not downloaded it yet !!
  12. Possible Workaround with CarPlay on 2016 Civic

    I saw a post on an Apple forum where someone says to go into your phone and "forget this car" and you basically delete your car from your phone and then start completely over. I will try to find that. But I have not updated to IOS 10 anything yet so I can not say I have tried this or that it...
  13. Hatchback Media Reviews

    in his brief comments he mentions premium fuel
  14. IOS 10 Problem

    ok I read this today on another site - but I have not tried it nor have I updated my phone to IOS 10. But here is what someone posted on an Apple forum not being able to get IOS 10 to work and his suggestion. Again, I have not done this and have no idea if it will work or not so try at your...
  15. If you could do it all over again: would you buy another Honda?

    My first new car was a 1987 Accord Hatchback manual shift. Best car ever but was destroyed in a huge hail storm. I have had a Civic, CRV, and 2006 Pilot (178,000 miles) I just purchased a 2016 Accord Coupe V6-6 which the a/c was low on freon and they put dye in and we are in the wait and...
  16. Apple Car Play Not Working....again....for the 4th time in 6 months

    I have to ask before this escalates....did you update to IOS 10 because I have read in many forums (not just Honda) that for many IOS 10 causes that screen you showed. I understand your frustration completely but I am reading on other manufacturer's forums that the same thing is happening. If...
  17. IOS 10 Problem

    The issue is Apple, not Honda. Other brands of cars are having the same issues. I have no plans to update any software on my phone until I read in the forums that it is working properly.
  18. 2016 Honda Civic back and hip pain cloth seats

    I can't speak for the new Civic but I purchased a used car years ago and it hurt my back so much I could barely drive it. I took it to a local upholstery place and they rebuilt it with new foam, the work was great and you couldn't tell and it was the most comfortable car. I kept the car 9...
  19. Si with the CVT?

    I just purchased a 2016 Accord coupe V6 manual transmission and it may be the most fun car I have ever driven. Honda just knows how to make a silky smooth manual and the V6 is very powerful. I plan to keep the Accord for several years and then purchase some type of Civic but as much fun as I...
  20. Say is isn't so...

    so would the hatchback be considered a new first year model ? I would think so.