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  1. your Choice of Oil Filter for 10th Gen Civic Si

    A01 OEM filters are pretty hard to get now a days. A02 is a downgrade. I’ve been using Mobil 1 EP and it works great. Get it pretty cheap too as part of Mobil 1’s rebates. My oil changes usually cost me around $12-15 for Mobil 1 EP oil and filter. I’m not trying to be cheap, but Mobil is a great...
  2. Possible Recall from Honda for all sedans

    This was a rendering of an actual 10th gen Civic sedan.
  3. Possible Recall from Honda for all sedans

    Not sure if this was ever shared in this thread. This is no coincidence- hopefully this pic helps explain it too (right where blue meets red). This happens right at the point where two different metals with different strengths meet. Has been happening for years mainly on the sedan.
  4. 2020 Si: The Saga Continues

    The one I pictured worked fine for my 2019, but didn't work in my 2020 with Honda Sensing. Ended up selling that mirror and just kept the non-dimming OEM one. It isn't bad with my tinted windows.
  5. An awesome Trunk mat Alternative - ToughPRO Cargo Mat

    I think it looks cool, but two negative things for me personally- no walls around the sides and cleaning that perfectly would be such a pain in the long term. My OCD would want each circle completely clean, free of trapped dirt.
  6. remove hondata?

    I think part of the AC issue is a reflash to the computer with a newer update. So I would definitely flash back to stock and remove it, it won’t hurt to do it. Honda Hack I wouldn’t worry about, you can hide/remove icons to be safe.
  7. No longer needed! Thanks!

    3M tape, but actual genuine 3M tape. Properly cleaned area and I used the 3M adhesive prep pad to make sure the bond is super good. On a hot day I cannot yank these off, I’m not worried at all. Spoilers and body moldings on most cars are held on by just 3M tape.
  8. No longer needed! Thanks!

    HIC is really good, I have those exact ones. They’re the same ones Pro Civic sells too, same brand and all.
  9. Tweeter connectors? - adapter harness to factory tweeter wire?

    I just bought and installed these today. They worked perfectly. Pricey but worth it in my eyes.
  10. Anyone here involved in class action against SiriusXM?

    Settlements can often change depending on several factors. They even say on the site that it could be higher or lower then the estimated $12. You should have no issues going to bank to deposit though. I could definitely see mobile deposit being an issue. I’ve received similar checks from...
  11. Super Pissed Off.

    Yupp that’s the dreaded issue. Been seeing it pop up more for hatchbacks it seems too. It’s not that it’s shitty, but more that two different metals meet there and that’s the weak point. Still sucks though! I’m praying it doesn’t happen to my sedan.
  12. Do the 2020 "redesigned" LED headlights have better light output ?

    Nothing at all honestly. That was a beautiful setup and output. If I was up for the challenge I could’ve put an even bigger and better projector in there like a few others have done, but I wanted more of a plug and play with some tweaks and upgrades since it was my first real retrofit. I really...
  13. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Countersunk Delrin shift knob installed.
  14. 2020 Si: The Saga Continues

    New countersunk Delrin shift knob installed today. SSCO SL Series Shift Knob 2019 Type R shifter assembly and chased down the threads further down so I could use the factory boot retaining nut while keeping the knob threaded all the way down.
  15. good price on 2020 si?

    Wow a non-refunable deposit, not sure how legal that is lol (might depend on state actually). Anyways, price of the car, does that include sales tax? If so, not terrible, but if it doesn't then that is pretty high. There's several threads on here, where myself included, got our 2020 Si's for...
  16. 2020 Si: The Saga Continues

    Haven't just yet, but plan to install that soon. I don't foresee any issues with that though.
  17. Michelin pilot sport A/S 3+ is Harsher than stock?

    What’s the verdict with the difference in feel now?
  18. Show album cover by Bluetooth Civic Touring 2020

    Yeah this data really doesn't pass over bluetooth on our head units as far as I know. I've never seen this data appear for me with various streaming apps and downloaded music.
  19. Apple Carplay equalizer options?

    As far as I know, V4A works for me with CarPlay. I'll need to double check this to be absolutely sure. As far as I know there is really no better alternatives for the head unit EQ app other than this one.