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  1. 2016 Civic Owners-Biggest Surprises/Disappointments so far?

    I feel that, I traded mine at 19k, got sick and tired of taking in to the dealership and having to fight with them and them fight with Honda just to get ONE thing fixed. First 6 months she was a dream, after that was all downhill. I see them on the streets since the trade and not even one twinge...
  2. Touring subwoofer rattles.

    Sadly this thread is proof why Honda fell out of the top 5 in customer satisfaction and Kia is kicking their butts. So sad for a car company that used to consistently rank #1. Hope they get it together.
  3. Window tinting

    Probably varies by dealership. My dealership doesn't actually install it they have a local company come in aND do it
  4. What did you pay?

    Given how much car you get for your money the Touring really is a great deal, nothing else in it's price range has all those features
  5. Problem with Rear Window Tint -- Light refracting

    Have you ever done a reboot of your audio system? Hold down the power area until a screen comes up asking if you want to restart, it will take a few minutes for the reboot to occur. sometimes that helps
  6. Problem with Rear Window Tint -- Light refracting

    Yep, all of those and more were reasons I got fed up and traded back to a more proven less buggy Honda. I traded for a 2016 CRV. I really liked the 2017 CRV, but I did not want to go thru the tortures of being an early adopter again. The 2016 body style has been around a long time, it's proven...
  7. Problem with Rear Window Tint -- Light refracting

    To be fair, my back window seemed a tad distorted before I had the window tint on, it just seemed more noticeable after the tint was put on
  8. Electric parking brake problem

    I absolutely loved the look of the Civic Touring. When I first saw it I thought omg I have to have it. I went for the gusto and got the Touring since it was reasonably priced for all those goodies. The inside of the new 2017 CRV is just like the Civic inside very stylish and very comfy seats. I...
  9. Electric parking brake problem

    Mine did that too, it was part of the problem with the unit. I was the first person to buy a Civic Touring from my Honda dealership, got the first one off the truck, lucked out it was the color I wanted, Rallye Red. Had over 6 months trouble free, then the problems started. Had to keep taking it...
  10. Electric parking brake problem

    I definitely would get the extended if you plan to drive the car a long time. Mine started out doing what yours is doing. Eventually it got worse I would make right turns and lane watch cam would stay on a few seconds then go black. The infotainment would freeze and now allow me to access...
  11. Electric parking brake problem

    Have you ever rebooted your infotainment? You press on the powere until a pop up asks if you want to reboot. Select yes. Takes a few minutes to fully restart
  12. Electric parking brake problem

    Wasn't this resolved by the recall they did for soft ware update late last year?
  13. Official RALLYE RED Civic Thread

    First mod I made to my CRV when I traded in my Civic, I ordered LED's, impossible to go back to regular bulbs after being able to see so well at night with my Civic X Touring. More mods planned but nothing radical, mostly mild appearance stuff.
  14. Official RALLYE RED Civic Thread

    You should get some LED bulbs for it, not very expensive and look great!
  15. Infotainment system beeps incessantly

    My younger has a 2013 CRV EXL Nav, and the older had a Honda Element, but the timing chain broke at 230K so now she has no car, but when she's saved up for another I'm pretty sure she'll go with another Honda. She loved her Element.
  16. Infotainment system beeps incessantly

    I got forced into giving up a stick, because if I want luxury goodies and high end audio I cannot get that in a stick, such BS one of the reasons I used to love Honda most, you could get their highest end vehicles with a stick. Neither of my kids 21 and 29 are willing to drive a stick, and I...
  17. Infotainment system beeps incessantly

    If I go back to a Civic it would be the Sport Touring Hatchback, I hear it comes in a stick?
  18. Infotainment system beeps incessantly

    I got rid of the car. I was sick of the problems. The dealer gave me an excellent trade in value and an excellent deal on a new 2016 CRV. I very much regret being an early adopter. MA also has lemon laws, but I am unsure how they work on leases. Honda sent an engineer to the dealership to try to...
  19. Infotainment system beeps incessantly

    Oh they know about it, Honda has to approve all replacements of the infotainment system under warranty. And before they will do that they make the dealership jump through hoops for it. I gave my dealership video after video which they forwarded on to Honda, all Honda kept telling them to do was...
  20. Infotainment system beeps incessantly

    If the dealership won't agree to replace it, call Honda corporate. Make sure to make videos when it does this so you have proof.