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  1. Does Modding your car raise or lower the value?

    I don’t have any mechanical mods, but some cosmetic. Would red OEM badges, black grill, or window tint affect trade in value at a dealer?
  2. Shredded my front lip, what to do

    Today I was driving I-26 in SC. A semi truck tire blew, half went into my lane. Didn’t have time to react, hit it head on. Lucky this is all that happened, but still I’m upset. Left side marker is hanging out, bumper screw holes around the wheel well are torn and it’s floppy(rubber piece)...
  3. How has COVID-19 affected your life so far..

    I work in a SC emergency room also. How are you doing now? It was chaos before the virus. My hospital was going to expand. Now it’s falling apart, patient volume is way down. We aren’t getting hours. There’s been job cuts. Not sure if I’ll have a job if this continues. Sad thing is many...
  4. Cloth armrest faded at 11,000 miles

    At 11,000 miles my cloth armrest is faded and stained. Not sure how it got this bad, my car is garaged and I don’t eat or drink in the car. Disappointed and won’t be getting another car with cheap cloth in those areas. Looks like an old sock. Would the warranty cover this?
  5. Warranty extended for 16-18 Civics

    Got this letter from Honda today. Power train warranty is extended to 6 years/unlimited miles. Specially for cylinder misfires on the 1.5L. Anyone here misfiring?
  6. Life With a R? What is it really like?

    I moved to the Greenville, SC area a month ago from MI. Roads are better than Michigan, but yes I agree...they are in poor condition overall. I'm loving SC in many ways, and I'm happy with my move and new job, however with 7% income tax, property tax on cars, plus the $250 infrastructure...
  7. Back pain from the Civic's seats?

    The lumbar support Honda offers in the CRV and Accord is disappointing. Ford had the best from my personal experience with my parents Marquee.
  8. Dealer missed a few bolts after an oil change....

    There’s been 2-3 threads on this forum, where the dealer didn’t tighten the drain plug enough. Engine ran with little to no oil, and from what I recall one person had to put up a fight for the dealer to replace the entire engine.
  9. Dealer missed a few bolts after an oil change....

    My dealer did the same thing. You have to double check all the work dealers perform. It’s like going to a hospital. There’s a chance they’ll screw up, and you’ll be worse off than when you went in.
  10. Honda Quality

    If owners didn't complain, manufacturers wouldn't strive for better quality.
  11. Help please! angry with Honda America! please comment

    I moved to SC last week, and finally started using my AC on a regular basis. This is the weakest AC I've had in a car. I'm contemplating taking it into a dealer. It's not ice cold like other cars. More like regular vent temps.
  12. Crystal Black Pearl Owners

    I wash mine once a week, and have accepted it's not going to be perfect. When I first bought it, every speck of dust had to be removed right away.
  13. Hood Liner Clips

    I'm fairly certain those can be bought on Ebay. It's a universal bumper push clip. They sell bags of them for $5.
  14. KTuner V1.2 for sale-SOLD

    Recently moved to another state, and decided to sell my KTuner. It's unlocked. Listed on Ebay if anyone is interested. $350 shipped within the U.S. Here are a few pictures...
  15. Spotting other Civic owners on the road

    I never like sonic gray Civic's when I saw pictures online. Recently moved to SC and on the interstate saw many 10th gen Civic's, one of which was sonic gray. Absolutely loved it! Reminds me of a similar color that Audi offers.
  16. Honda Civic Electric Parking Brake Problems Lead to Lawsuit

    One second is too much work for many people. They like a car because of all the safety features, but can't flick their wrist to use the turn signal.
  17. Love Bugs Suck

    You have your work cut out. I thought mine was bad. Just drove from Michigan to South Carolina, and haven't had time to wash, bugs are all over. Tomorrow I'm going to try to hand wash them off, but the water pressure at the apartment here is low, not sure if it'll work.
  18. Crystal Black Pearl Owners

    Don't have a Facebook account, I deleted it years ago. Don't miss it. It was like cable news, complete garbage. I like my black Civic, especially when it's overcast/rainy. Bright sunlight brings out all the imperfections. Next car, I'm going to choose a light colored one, black is a lot of work.
  19. Leaking sunroof

    There are 4 drainage tubes, each ending near the wheel wells. One of the those might be clogged. Hopefully it's something simple like that.
  20. To those who moved on from Civic X Si... "But then there’s the transmission, which needs an exorcism. Remember, this is the SE trim -- the sporty model -- and its agonizing transmission programming suggests the LE will be almost...