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  1. HONDATA fuel system upgrade

    awesome !! this is how product development should be done, thank you !!!!
  2. What Front Splitter is everyone running?

    did you use 2 or 4 of their quick release chassis mounts? the splitter it self is a custom shaped racebred part? would you be able to share the drawing, it looks perfect for the civic bumper.
  3. HONDATA fuel system upgrade

    i'm wondering what was the challenge in getting these low pressure fuel lines? how would one go about converting this to AN line setup? would ORB to AN adapter work? wouldn't that be easier and safer?
  4. HONDATA fuel system upgrade

    will this fuel pump require a new ecu map?
  5. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    Ok if 100 octane boost is increased over 93 then for sure stock fuel pump will hit 100% dc? just wondering if anyone has logged 100 octane tune and what the fp dc was I’m curious why hondata released the 100 octane tune
  6. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    can the 100 octane tune be used with the stock fuel pump? what's the FP duty cycle like? is it safe for a track car?
  7. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    i'm guessing it has to do with the 91 octane gas we have out here I'll probably try turning down the boost abit it seems the ignition is quite retarded already or it could be a noise issue i guess, how accurate is the knock retard on the bosch ecu?
  8. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    good spot ! the only issue i see with this is I might hit the datalog button and forgets to shut it off. it seems the datalog will keep going even with ignition off, unless you push the datalog button. is there anyway to set the datalog to start/stop automatically based on condition? like...
  9. Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

    wait a minute, this kit actually increases front pro lift geometry, not anti lift. looking at the picture comparsion on top, it seems the whiteline antilift kit lowers the front lower control arm's rear mounting position, which increases pro lift geometry for the front suspension
  10. Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

    what had to be modified with the spoon stiffening plate?
  11. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    for those of you who tracks with hondata connected, how did you secure the hondata and route the cables? i'm thinking just taping it in place with some gaffer tape
  12. My dyno results fbo my tune vs hondata

    what was changed from the OTS tune? was it just boost or did you play with ignition too? what's your FP duty cycle like?
  13. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    for monitoring knock, there is a k retard 1, 2, 3, 4, I guess those are cylinder # what about the K retard channel? which one should we monitor? are some knock retard normal on this ecu? when is it cause for concern?
  14. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    wastegate position and boost commanded at 0% tps question just flashed the car today with flashpro, 91 octane base map to start with, everything went well. reviewing the initial log, I have a question about wastegate position and boost commanded at 0% tps question the hondata technical notes...
  15. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    can you expand on that, assuming same altitude, more boost should always = more air charge, no?
  16. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    on a off the shelf 93 octane map, would disabling the EGT protect give you more boost up top? I"m trying to understand what are the parameter which cause this boost limiting egt protect function to kick in, where then this option could become useful.
  17. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    It sounds like the off the shelf tune 93 octane is already at the limit of the stock high pressure fuel pump So I’m wondering these custom tunes that can achieve 30whp+ over the off the shelf tune How are they able to achieve it ?
  18. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    anyone tried the new hondata fuel pump kit yet?
  19. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    for the guys running 93 octane off the shelf map, what max fuelpump duty cycle are you seeing at full throttle runs? just curious.
  20. Anyone switch out to aftermarket seats?

    did you cut the seat to fit the stock seat belt receptacle? the stock receptable just happen to be at the right height or you had to mod it?