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  1. FS: APR GTC 300 67”

    Ever get sold?
  2. What to do about dealer joy ride?

    I had a friend who's dealer did this but much more extreme (went on the highway and was doing pulls on a brand new car). The tech was fired and the owner recieved a free 7 year warranty. That $50 is crap and they know it too. This was only a little and on a much more broken in car so your car is...
  3. Fuel pressure issues?? CEL on

    OP, any more problems after replacing the pump? Im having the same issues now with bolt ons and a tune. Honda said I've probably reached the limit of the pump (dumb considering im only about 380HP and 400TQ.) They wont warranty the part obviously because of the tune and parts. All three times I...
  4. WTB stock fk8 rear motor mount.

    I only saw cheap brands too. Mine is ready to ship if you want it.
  5. WTB stock fk8 rear motor mount.

    I still have mine. What are you looking to pay, and ship to?
  6. 1.5T Hasport 62A Rear Motor Mount Impressions

    I hate you. I just finished mine and it took 2 hours. In the rain. The bolts WOULD NOT line up for the life of me.
  7. Invidia just released a DP for the FK8, catted and catless version available

    Anyone have these? I have an R400 and am looking into Downpipes and cant find much about invidias fk8 dp.
  8. WTB DP and Splitter

    Looking for a catted DP (open to different brands, such as PRL or RV6) and a front splitter with red rods (probably APR). Anyone have any used ones they are looking to sell?
  9. How old are all you CTR owners?

    I was 20 when I bought mine but am 21 now lol
  10. FS: Type R OEM Grill

    Here is the damage to the H
  11. FS: Type R OEM Grill

    Used Type R OEM grill, about 10,000 miles on it. Comes with red Honda badge and "Type R" logo, although the Honda badge was hit with a rock and has a small chip on its protective clear coat. Best offer takes it, will ship at buyers expense (about 20$ estimate on far ships).
  12. FS: OEM Exhaust system

    Sorry sold it long ago!
  13. My New Civic Si Doesn't Feel As Great Anymore :(

    You're just getting used to it. My type R starts to feel slow until I put a new mod on or drove my rav for weeks.
  14. 15% off Ebay App Only PSASAVETODAY

    Got my mishi intercooler and piping for 900!
  15. Type R OEM intercooler

    Forgot to say, I'm in Idaho but going to Florida in the summer. Could do either locations in time.