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  1. Hondata Fuel System

    It will not work without the tune by Hondata unless you take the time to figure it out if possible. Flashpro kept my old tune after I installed, it ran but in limp mode. Once I realized and put injector tune, runs great!
  2. Honda powder coated rims w/tires with rash protection

    The protection can be removed if wanted. Guaranteed no rash!
  3. Top1motors Splitter

    Install was not bad, new grill coming.
  4. 2020 Si Full Audio Rework

    Done alot of audio and mine sounds damn good considering not a crazy sub box because of weight.
  5. KOYORAD radiator VS. Spoon VS. Full Race

    Seems like they all are having same issues. On other threads also.
  6. 2020 Si Full Audio Rework

    Upgraded the center speaker but left on stock power very small speaker. Factory amp does that that's why I fed off of it into a real DSP.
  7. 2020 Si Full Audio Rework

    This might help.
  8. 2020 Si Full Audio Rework

    I have a Type R did an Audiocontrol DSP off of factory amp into a 5 channel amp to upgraded Moral speakers and a sub. I left the factory amp so I don't lose features like GPS in case I ever use it. Some take the signal off the radio itself, I don't think it matters if you have a DSP. Sounds...
  9. DIY: Footwell lights?

    Good company and support.
  10. DIY: Footwell lights? Have these in a couple of my cars, love the Bluetooth feature. Flexible and almost unbreakable, my kid hits them with his feet in back under seat.
  11. Amazon Prime Day Today 10/13 & 10/14 - Post your best finds
  12. Blinking 3rd brake light (coupe) The one I put in, very easy install. Blinks 3rd brake light 3 times then solid. Im in Miami and it helps a lot!! Bad drivers here doing...