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  1. Money Shifted my new Si today :(

    I would down shift to 4th in that situation.
  2. Thanks Covid-19 I had to let her go.

    Yea I got a quote higher from them, but I went to Carmax for the convenience. It was fast and easy. I just needed to let the car go. I did not come out of pocket at all with Carmax. That is crazy 18K, I was offered 19K from Carmax with 18K. That Carmax near you are some low ballers. And mine...
  3. Thanks Covid-19 I had to let her go.

    I got a quote on Carvana, but heard they low ball you once they come and inspect the car.
  4. Thanks Covid-19 I had to let her go.

    Went to Carmax and unlocked it :headbang:
  5. Florida Ktuner V2 with for sale. SOLD

    Sold my car, but won’t use it on the sporthatch. Ktuner V2 $500 free shipping.
  6. Thanks Covid-19 I had to let her go.

    I was gonna ask that, had an idea they would, but I will try to see if they have it at the dealer and talk with the porter that I was talking with there about the car see if he can get me access to the car.
  7. Thanks Covid-19 I had to let her go.

    Damn dude I need the car to unlock the V2? Well I guess I am f'ed.
  8. Thanks Covid-19 I had to let her go.

    Well ladies and gents the time has come and with Covid-19 going on business has slowed down. I work selling parts at a Porsche dealer and this pandemic hit us just like everything else it has affected. My wife works from home and she drives the sporthatch, so I still have a 1.5 turbo, but will...
  9. Time to say goodbye CivicX

    I work at a Porsche dealer selling parts and we get BMW trade-ins, so I get to drive the ones that are worth to drive...M3's etc. Drove a 235i gran coupe and yes it's totally a faster car then the Si.
  10. Time to say goodbye CivicX

    MAGA 🇺🇲 Yes freedom of speech, but yet stupid to mention someones car choice/decision to be bad based on their political view. Fucking dumb. Great choice and nice cars and killer garage dude.
  11. What's everyone's miles looking like?

    Just went over 15k 2018 Si which I got in November of 2018. Running only a Ktuner/TSP stage 1 tune and PRL stage 1 intake if that counts lol
  12. What's your SI looking like today?

    Miami problems...seen this as well on a coupe.
  13. SOLD. ACUITY Red ESCO shift knob for sale

    As title says ACUITY shift knob for sale. $50 free shipping. CONUS only.
  14. SOLD. 27WON RMM for sale

  15. SOLD. 27WON RMM for sale

    Up for sale is my used for 6000 miles 27won rear motor mount. I took as many pictures as I can for all to see the condition. Reason I am selling is I have put the car back to stock. $80 shipped for free.
  16. Si hatchback coming?

    Never say never...
  17. Exedy Clutch, how much longer?

    Seems like no one has EXEDY on their car yet. I experienced a slippage last night in 4th on the HWY TSP stage one on map 2 in sport mode. The weather in Florida is getting cooler, so I have been pushing a little hard these past few days. I went back to map 1 now off sport mode to keep her level...