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  1. 2021 Hyundai Elantra

    It's really simple why manuals are dying out, automatics have become faster and much more efficient than manual transmissions are. Pretty much the only reason to have a manual in a car now is because you like the feeling of driving a manual and want the option. This demographic of people is just...
  2. How fucked am I ?!

    Dude's driving the shit out of his car but at least he knows that his engine has a chance to blow at the end of this. Not like some people we've seen who do that then act shocked when their engine finally kicks the bucket. If OP knows the risks of what he's doing and he doesn't care, then more...
  3. Keep RSX or trade for HB Sport?

    Is your wife the type of person to care about the latest and greatest technology? That's pretty much all the 11th gen is going to have over a 10th gen. It'll have a better infotainment screen and interior technology/look but I cannot imagine that Honda would retire the 1.5 turbo powertrain very...
  4. Civic Si vs Mazda 3 2.5T

    Sucks to hear. Going to have to test out the 2.5 turbo when the time comes, i'm sure that will be a different breed altogether.
  5. Civic Si vs Mazda 3 2.5T

    I was seriously considering swapping my 10th gen for one of the new 3's once my lease is up. I read some reviews though and apparently the current 2.5 naturally aspirated engine they use in them feels sluggish according to motor trend and some other sites think car and driver said "mazda has...
  6. Type r or Hellcat...

    One's a straight line killer that sounds like a beast and the other is a corner machine. Seems like you've got the best of both worlds :cool:
  7. how long does a Honda Civic battery usually last? Is it covered under the powertrain warranty?

    The batteries in 10th gen Civics for some reason are notoriously weak and prone to dying out in even as soon as 1-2 years. A typical automotive battery should give you around 4-5 years, so it sucks to see that Honda put an undersized battery in these cars. Luckily mine's been good so far...
  8. Type R vs WRX STI

    STI's are great cars, but definitely a bit dated now as the platform and engine goes. CTR is no doubt a better daily all around. Wonder how the next gen STI is going to be, that's the real game changer.
  9. iOS 14.0 CarPlay Problems

    I have an '18 civic and an iPhone with iOS 14 and has absolutely no issues when connecting it. Really strange.
  10. Are you still happy with your Civic?

    My car is 2.5 years in and absolutely no issues so far. My lease ends in March so still debating on what to do with it once it ends. I still love the car, but part of me wants to change it up a bit. Maybe get a GTI or something. We'll see though.
  11. Will this car challenge the Civic Si?

    I know some people find the Civic design to be polarizing but man this is just ugly as hell. Front and rear look like they were designed by 2 different people. Nothing sleek or classy looking about this car at all.
  12. What does everyone think of the upcoming Mazda3 2.5Turbo?

    Thought id chime in. The 3's power is certainly a big plus point and it does have a pretty nice more premium interior to boot. But I agree with the sentiment that from a performance standpoint, the car isnt really well thought out. No independent rear suspension, no LSD. So it's not really a...
  13. Forged internals in 2.0 NA?

    Anything is possible when you throw money at it so what you're after isn't necessarily impossible but it's just going to be pretty damn expensive. As far as I know there are no market offerings for forged internals on the K20C2. Some people are under the impression that the K20C1 (type R motor)...
  14. It's official - There will be an 11th Gen Civic Si!

    RIP Honda's long lived production of NA 4-cyl engines. Can't say I didn't see this happening but since the 2.0 is going i'm assuming and the Fit is dying and the HRV will probably get the 1.5 turbo eventually, that's the end of the road for their naturally aspirated engines besides their V6...
  15. End of Civic Si and Coupe for 10th gen

    RIP the coupe, it was the only coupe in its class and now it's officially dead. But on another note, does that mean the 2021 model year is when the 11th gen Civic is coming? My lease ends next yeae in March so im curious if the 11th gen will be out by then.
  16. Apple CarPlay Install in Civic 2017 and older

    Only way to do it is change the headunit. The existing headunit on LX trims is too small and doesn't have the capability to run carplay at all. You could buy the headunit that comes on EX and above trims or just buy one of those android aftermarket ones.

    If driving is really not working, the last thing I would try is just disconnecting the battery altogether and reconnecting it after letting it sit for a couple minutes, might give the reset the car needs to get back to normal. If that doesn't do anything either, then yeah take it to the dealer...

    Yup. I would try driving it for a decent amount of time and it'll probably clear up. Especially since you said the car isnt actually throwing any codes.
  19. WOW Mazda is bringing back the Mazdaspeed 3???

    320 torque with AWD are seriously impressive numbers. But this is a missed opportunity IMO, they could have easily bought back the MazdaSpeed name by just adding an LSD, revised suspension, a manual gearbox option and a few other go-fast bits and there you go, you have a car that will eat into...
  20. Wtf is this 🤣

    Spoiler and diffuser are bit much but like many people have said, ive seen much worse and I can see how someone would think it looks good. No point clowning this guy.