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  1. RMM question!

    I share the same sentiments. My C6 Corvette sitting covered in the garage is a testament of careful assembly of modded add ons. I have been very happy with the CTR RMM on my Hatch Sport. But after installing the 27Won FMIC, lag from the intercooler reverted back to pre CTR RMM response...
  2. Cleaning Exhaust Pipe on Si

    Regular diluted car shampoo in spray bottle between wash. Spray on inside/outside tip, wipe with plain water damp cloth and follow with Costco microfiber cloth. Same method for my C6 Corvette's after market Catback Corsa Sport's exhaust tips. Civic's 27Won front pipe back exhaust, from muffler...
  3. Has anyone ever purchased a car through Costco?

    Yes. Deal was finalized via phone. $500 above invoice not MSRP. + a one time Costco 50% coupon off any OEM parts, so it was used for a complete set of Honda floor mats for my wife's '18 Hatchback Sport MT. Fast, less than an hour after signed paper work, paid with check and drove home. Good...
  4. DIY: Si or CTR Rear Stabilizer Bar on Normal Civic Sedan/Coupe/Hatch

    I have one low mileage Si bar and its up for grab - $65 + shipping from Hawaii.
  5. Labor Day Install Madness (build thread)

    Really appreciate you taking time for the detail response.
  6. Labor Day Install Madness (build thread)

    Appreciate your last post and I really like your V2 mount. I do have a couple of questions. How did you pop the vent to mount the bracket? Could you list the RAM Mount parts and parts needed from Amazon for those of us want to duplicate your great idea? TIA
  7. Replacement RMM vs. RMM Inserts?

    Noticed you are using Hasport RMM. How you like it?
  8. Tsp stage 1 throttle padding update

    Thank you for all your hard work and your attention to improvements for SI. But I have a Hatch 6MT. Curious as to how close you have a marketable tune for the 1.5 non-SI community? TIA
  9. Sometimes it's just the little things that make a big difference

    Glad you got the RSB done and enjoying it.
  10. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Survey (for all models)

    Please post feedback regarding your new Perrin insert.
  11. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

    Its a small company and he has to balance supply and demand without investing overboard and having overflow of product collecting dust on the shelf. The lucky few that scored and already in the shipping process probably from leftover stock for the Beta test.
  12. Civic sport hatch track brake pads and rotors

    I ordered front from Amazon and rear from Ebay last year.
  13. Civic sport hatch track brake pads and rotors

    I use EBC Yellow Stuff pad F/R on my Hatch and very happy with stopping power.
  14. Catch Can? another light. Those Gunk/collected "condensate" or whatnot deposit exist, if catch can is used! And you would rather not use catch can and let those deposit channel back into your intake?
  15. Should I get DP/FP or Exhaust first?

    Lets look at it in another light. Maybe a little simplistic. If Si and other 10X Gen MT share the same clutch. Si in stock form starts with approx. 20HP more and Hatch with FBO would put it in Si OEM + HP territory while still sharing OEM clutch, along with basic safety margin. So, if clutch...
  16. Failures from the tuning survey

    Appreciate your diligence, gtman!
  17. DC Sports Front Upper Strut Bar

    Is your SI strut stock? Unlike most non-SI folks, their OEM strut stud often shown threads below OEM flange nuts after torque! Unless SI has longer studs on top hat. Very nice engine bay, by the way!
  18. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    Adjust the Acuity reverse flow radiator hoses for proper air gap. Visited my buddy boosted180sx and he noticed the hoses were touching. Not sure how that happened... Could have sworn the fitment was correct :dunno: Do you see significant change using the reverse flow radiator hoses?
  19. What has been your favorite inexpensive mod?

    Selected Arizona Desert Ironwood from left over C6 Corvette project. Made two version, "T" handle with form fitted finger groove +thumb rest is my favorite. Straight handle knob has 36 coat of hand rub craze glue finish, while "T" shape knob has 34 coat of gun stock hand rub finish. Knob sits...