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  1. Hondata CVT Failure

    buy a used CVT and find an affordable shop to install it... you have no play here to try and get anyone to cover the costs of replacing the trans.
  2. How do you guys do a 'CLEAN' oil change?

    yep got mine for $100 on Amazon. Can do full oil changes on the GTI without lifting the car (oil filter is accessible from the top) and drain the oil from the Civic, only need to lift to get the filter. also great if you’re worried about oil dilution with the 1.5T. Super easy to just pump out...
  3. How do you guys do a 'CLEAN' oil change?

    MityVac fluid evacuator. If you get it in to the oil pan just right, it’ll drain it almost completely. You can put it up on stands after and pull the drain plug if you like, only about a shot glass worth more comes out over a few minutes of dripping.
  4. Oil Changes

    Oil, every 3 to 5k. Oil filter, every other oil change, so 6 to 10k.
  5. Trying to sell Stock Exhaust

    someone with a Sport or Sport Touring hatch will buy it. Type R exhaust fits Sport hatchback with minimal modification. Just had to trim the exhaust finisher in the bumper. All the hangers and everything are direct bolt on. fitting the Type R exhaust to a SI sedan or coupe will require some...
  6. The Oil Thread
  7. The Oil Thread

    The only thing your oil analysis “proves” is that the oil you’re using puts up with your driving conditions. That doesn’t mean the conditions are not considered severe
  8. The Oil Thread

    lol yes, it will. This isn’t related to oil dilution, and it is nothing new. All manufacturers have a “severe service” schedule for cars driven under severe conditions. Frequent short trips is considered a severe condition, and maintenance items including oil changes should be performed earlier...
  9. Civic sport hatch track brake pads and rotors

    I think Spoon has some track specific pads for the FK7. Project Mu has front rotors
  10. The Oil Thread

    he didn’t say oil dilution is not a problem completely... but that it is a non problem as long as you actually drive your car more than 3 miles a day. So if you don’t drive your car enough, it could be a problem
  11. Civic hatchback or GTI

    I see people say this a lot, but I feel it is an exaggeration. Has the GTI been more expensive to maintain over the past 10 years/90k miles than a Toyota or Honda? Maybe? But I wouldn’t say it is VERY expensive. The regular maintenance fluids and filters aren’t that much more than a Honda, and...
  12. What do you use to work on your cars? Tool discussion

    Got my Teng Tools ratchet set yesterday. It was on sale for Labor Day but even at that price, I don’t know if I’d say it was worth it. The quality seems... meh. We’ll see how it all holds up to use, but first impression is: their stuff doesn’t seem significantly better than Husky or Kobalt. I...
  13. Civic hatchback or GTI

    Si isn’t available as a hatch, like the GTI or Sport hatch. People would maybe cross shop a GLI Jetta against a Si, but the SI never even crossed my mind for a millisecond when buying the GTI.
  14. Civic hatchback or GTI

    The individual services were a little more expensive, but the service schedule is less often. Oil every 10k miles. Trans fluid every 40k miles. Air filter every 60k miles.
  15. 5W-30 Amsoil SS

    5w30 is fine.
  16. Civic hatchback or GTI

    the Honda definitely gets significantly better gas mileage. But the GTI is faster, the transmission is way waaaayyy better, and both the engine and trans have a solid history of enduring a lot of power with tuning and mods. Our GTI is 10yrs old this year, 90k miles. Only major issue was a water...
  17. Mugen MT105 Engine Treatment Oil

    Just run some Liqui Moly or something with a high moly content to start with
  18. Si turbo on non-Si

    The boost shouldn’t increase at all... right? Isn’t the boost level computer controlled?
  19. OFFICIAL Phearable stage 1.5 vs TSP stage 1 comparison

    So you can’t prevent them from clogging? You just have to wait for them to clog and then replace them?
  20. What do you use to work on your cars? Tool discussion

    I hear really good things about GearWrench from a number of people who use them professionally. I have some Husky stuff now and it’s not bad at all but I want something better. Lol I'm definitely looking for that middle ground, a step up from the more casual DIY brands, but not full on...