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  1. Oil residue and leak since new - dealer advise please

    Thanks man I really appreciate the info!!
  2. Oil residue and leak since new - dealer advise please

    I don't suppose you have a copy of that? I guess one of us will find out soon lol
  3. Oil residue and leak since new - dealer advise please

    Are you supposed to drain the engine oil before removing it and resealing it? Thinking about doing it myself after I order some hondabond off Amazon
  4. Oil residue and leak since new - dealer advise please

    I've got the exact same leak on my 2018 hatch. Pretty sure it's coming from the inspection cover. I guess I could just pull it off and re apply some Honda bond. The one time I took it to the dealer I had some kid tell me he couldn't find it. Even though I pointed right at it. In past my warranty...
  5. Another knock thread...

    Weird... mines definitely never gone that high
  6. Another knock thread...

    Just normal driving. Usually pretty low rpms. Flooring it actually lowers k control
  7. Another knock thread...

    This is why I wish they had the si in a hatch lol. Thanks for helping put my mind to rest
  8. Another knock thread...

    When you say .49 does that mean 54.49?
  9. Another knock thread...

    That's all I run is shell 93. This is the only time I waited to change the oil for a longer period too. Went about 4500 before it got changed. That matter any?
  10. Another knock thread...

    Yesirr. Two different ones
  11. Another knock thread...

    That's what I thought but filled up several times in the past week. Still the same
  12. Another knock thread...

    The thing I'm worried about is that it never did it before. This just started happening a couple days ago. Usually k control would sit at 54.49 solid all the time. Just drove home now and the harder I pushed it. Not wot but accelerating, k control went down to 54.69
  13. Another knock thread...

    Ok so I'm very new two tuning. I'm running hondata + 6 PSI tune. And I never had this problem before. But every once in awhile I get a knock or two or three logged. So my knock control goes up from 54.49 to about 58.20 afterwards. But usually it's sits steady at 54.49. is this something to be...
  14. Stupid metal skid plate

    Anyone know of an aftermarket replacement for that damn piece of tin under the car? I'm looking for something a little more durable.
  15. Can you folks check if you have this same engine oil leak?

    I know this is an old thread but what exactly did the dealers say? I have the same leak and my dealer didn't find the cause last time I went in.
  16. Aggressive Wheel Fitment Thread

    You'll probably be fine. I'm really more of an aggressive offset and iI slightly rub sightly in the rear on big dips
  17. Aggressive Wheel Fitment Thread

    Any rubbing on dips?
  18. Aggressive Wheel Fitment Thread

    Stock suspension besides the springs? You don't rub the strut tower? Thinking about this same setup for my hatch. How's that poke ride? Love the aggressive stance man.
  19. New Wheels and tires

    No issues it rubbing with this setup? I'm actually about to pull the trigger on this size too
  20. Post Your Aftermarket Wheel/Tire setup on Stock Suspension

    No rubbing on this setup?