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  1. Rallye Red Touring: PPF and Gtechniq

    Looks like you had Keith at Clear bra ohio do this for you? They did the clear bra on my 18 si and currently have it doing the ceramic coating. How has it all held up for you so far?
  2. Paint Protection Film

    Where did you buy the car at in Ohio? I am from the Dayton Ohio area and I'm getting clear bra done on the north side of Cincinnati this weekend. The guy doing it uses suntek...
  3. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Update, they fixed my dash rattle ended up being the hood prop and bracket. Odd but makes sense. However now they are saying they don't hear the rear strut noise which makes sense because its much warmer here in ohio now. They had contacted the tech line and I showed them the bulletin from...
  4. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Well the dealership still has my car for this as well as a dash rattle and will have it until at least tomorrow as they havn't even been able to fix the dash rattle, Saturday will be three days. I sent them the bulletin but they said they couldn't do anything with it of course but do have a...
  5. Rear Suspension Clunking

    I have the exact same sound in mine, although since I bought it almost two weeks ago its been cold everyday and has always made the sound. It's at the dealer now getting checked out for it as well as a passenger side dash rattle.
  6. Cold start rattle

    So which dealer fixed it for you? Mines done it since basically new and I want to tell my dealer that said it was normal which dealer to call and ask.
  7. Custom Tune Question

    For those of you that have done the custom e tune with Vit, how much of a difference was it over the k tuner starter 21psi with all the quick adjustments? I'm pretty happy with that setup but always want more. I'm just wondering how much of a difference it makes, is it all drive-ability or is...
  8. VitTuned Initial Civic Si Testing

    Having previously owned a 350z and 370z and knowing a bit about them I would think a clutch replacement would be harder on a civic since its fwd? I've not done much work on a fwd car though so maybe I'm wrong.
  9. VitTuned Initial Civic Si Testing

    I believe a stock wrx puts down a little more hp, tq is close. Wrx is advertised at 268/258 and if you do the math on the 206/220 even at 20% drivetrain loss its at 247/264, I would guess drivetrain loss to be closer to 15% 236/253 maybe even less. So really tq is about the same as advertised...
  10. (Update: 10 in stock )ARK Performance catback for 2017 Hatch Sport (pics and sound clips)

    Did you have the stock j pipe? I had the invidia catless j pipe and it seemed plenty loud to me lol. Let me know about the civic exhaust, hopefully someone comes out with something that doesn't sounds like crap.
  11. Looking to get the most out of '17 Civic HB

    I have a 2017 hb sport touring and just purchased the ktuner. Flashed the ecu and gave it a try last night, it made a huge difference. I was very skeptical that it would be as big of a difference that everyone seems to think since I previously had a full stage 2 wrx before this civic, but they...
  12. (Update: 10 in stock )ARK Performance catback for 2017 Hatch Sport (pics and sound clips)

    I had a 2016 wrx before my 2017 civic sport hatch and I was partial to the invidia q300 I had on it. Sounded great and looked great only issue was alignment with the rear bumper but some different rubber on the hangers fixed that. Either way I love the quad exhaust look in the back of the wrx...
  13. Cold Start Rattle Noise

    Honestly my dealer took care of everyone of my other complaints and a recall before I even received notification that there was one. I had two interior rattles and they didn't even question them. My rear wiper wouldn't work but I believe that was actually at the fault of the company that...
  14. Cold Start Rattle Noise

    Gotcha, I'm not against amsoil its good stuff. I have just always been a fan of motul which I already purchased for my civic. I ran it in my 370z and wrx, it performed great in both of those. I have been thinking about giving amsoil a try in my cars, as I have always used it in my bikes. I...
  15. Cold Start Rattle Noise

    This is my second direct injection car and I've heard many, none sounded like that when they started. There shouldn't be a rattle to them, the tick noise of the injectors I expect and would even expect it to get louder as the miles rack up as my 16 wrx did. I was surprised at how loud the...
  16. Cold Start Rattle Noise

    I had a feeling you were going to say amsoil lol. Are you a reseller? When I go to their site its saying $33.90.
  17. Cold Start Rattle Noise

    I actually see now that oil analyzers has a lab in Indianapolis which is the same as Fort Wayne from me.
  18. Cold Start Rattle Noise

    I know oil analyzers is very popular especially with fans of amsoil as I believe they own a large stake in it or have some sort of relationship with between the two. I thought it was much more expensive than $20 though, for me I would have to ship it as I live in Ohio, actually only an hour and...
  19. Cold Start Rattle Noise

    Have you brought it to the attention of your dealer?
  20. Cold Start Rattle Noise

    I wasn't planning on it but I might. I have previously used blackstone labs in Fort Wayne but I know there are some pretty hefty debates about their methods of measuring fuel dilution. Who did you use?