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  1. Calif. mandating all cars sold by 2035 are zero-emission

    Great news for the environment, I guess. For enthusiasts? Not so much. This just came across my news feed: Looks like EV’s are going to be as locked down as the iPhone. No modifications :(
  2. Downpipe stud snapped

    If there's some threads exposed within the nut its probably fine temporarily for driving around town, but I'd get it fixed before you drive the car hard or take it to the track.
  3. Burnt grease inside of the clutch slave cylinder causing a squeaky clutch pedal

    Right on! Thanks for clarifying, Chris. I've got the airbox and battery out today to do a Flex Fuel install, so I'll give this a go while I'm down there. As for what Fountainhead mentioned... I'm not sure how to tell the positioning of the TOB. I'm assuming I would hear it spinning still. I'll...
  4. Burnt grease inside of the clutch slave cylinder causing a squeaky clutch pedal

    Hey guys, an update; I had my car apart this past weekend and made sure to give the slave cylinder some more grease using the genuine Honda Urea grease. I used a Q-tip to clean out whatever was in the boot of the slave cylinder (a lot of brown gunk came out) and re-greased the dowel and shaft...
  5. My garage door and my dumba$$ gouged the center black piece of the back edge if my spoiler, what options do I have?

    Not sure if someone mentioned this yet but you can wrap it. I scratched mine and wrapped it in textured carbon fiber. It looks like the side skirts now, and it feels pretty cool. Covered the scratch perfectly. I think a wrap shop would do this for ~$100
  6. Burnt grease inside of the clutch slave cylinder causing a squeaky clutch pedal

    Thanks Chris, that's a good tip. I will make sure to do that the next time the car is apart.
  7. Burnt grease inside of the clutch slave cylinder causing a squeaky clutch pedal

    Awesome dude, let us know how it works for you! The grease I used wasn't the Honda brand and it seems to have already burnt up. Might have to re-do this with the Honda grease
  8. I can't stop driving my car!!!

    There's a huge difference even between having the seats up and the seats down. I think any type of extra insulation between the exhaust and the trunk floor could be beneficial. I'm curious now so I guess I'll do some research on both MLV and Dynamat and whatever other materials I can find.
  9. I can't stop driving my car!!!

    2 Tip! They drone pretty bad, especially on the highway in 6th with the seats down. I might try out that Dynamat idea. Sounds like it could be effective.
  10. I can't stop driving my car!!!

    Can you elaborate on what Dynamat is? I have the Greddy SP exhaust and the drone doesn't go away, even after ~40k miles with it
  11. Burnt grease inside of the clutch slave cylinder causing a squeaky clutch pedal

    Hi guys, I wanted to share my discoveries just incase anyone else was experiencing the same problem. Around 50k miles my R's clutch pedal started squeaking pretty loudly whenever the car got hot - especially after about 30-45 minutes of stop and go traffic, or anytime the weather was above 80...
  12. Honest reliability from Type-R owners.

    After driving long enough for the trans to be hot (~30 minutes of in traffic driving, commuting to work) each time I press the clutch in, the last 3/4 of the depression makes a squeaking or creaking noise from within the engine bay, toward the firewall/top of the trans where the selector forks...
  13. Honest reliability from Type-R owners.

    I'm just about at 52k miles. Throw out bearing seems to be starting to go in my trans. Hoping I can get that replaced for free by the dealer under the 60k powertrain warranty and just foot the bill for a new clutch while the trans is out. I've done all the maintenance myself, including oil...
  14. Mugen parts

    If people are going to pay for Mugen parts, they'll keep selling them with insane markups. I don't think overpriced aftermarket parts will go away until consumers start holding manufacturers accountable for having quality, well researched, designed and tested parts for a competitive price. And...
  15. Next-gen: CTR our, S2000 revival?

    I love talking about the possibility of the S2K coming back. It would be a great time right now for Honda to put something up against the new Supra. Just let me pay off my Type R first so I can actually afford one!! Starting from scratch on that platform would be expensive, though. It might be...
  16. Help 2019 Type R limp mode after PRL intake.

    I've got a friend who has full bolt ons but no tune for months. He never said anything about limp mode.
  17. New Type R F

    Welcome :)
  18. New Race-Ready Civic Type R TC

    I find it interesting they're using the OE Honda Intercooler for the Type R TC. I'd like to get my hands on these: HPD high strength 3rd and 4th gears