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  1. Canada - Manitoba FS: EBC Yellow Brake Pads, LED turn signals

    The pads are yellow and they come with black shims.
  2. Dimming the dash??

    I thought the dimmer only works when it's dark enough outside, even if the headlights are on.
  3. Canada - Manitoba FS: EBC Yellow Brake Pads, LED turn signals

    Bump. Just have brake pads and LED turn signals left.
  4. Maximizing Fuel Economy

    Mid 30s MPG sounds about right for that cruising speed. 40 mpg at 80 mph probably won't happen unless you have a good tailwind.
  5. Maximizing Fuel Economy

    Just like minimizing lap times, one of the best modifications for improving fuel economy is a driver mod. Try to use your brakes as little as possible. Every time you touch the brakes you're throwing away momentum and you need fuel to recover it. Stay out of boost whenever you can. Do you...
  6. Dealer frustration

    What does it sound like when you're driving it? Hoping to hear these: " clunk or knocking noise, and when slowing down (not applying brakes) sounds similar to a piece of plastic stuck on the spoke of a bicycle wheel". I had a "plastic stuck in bicycle wheel" type sound. The first tech I took...
  7. Dealer frustration

    Can you share the recording?
  8. Oil Changes

    I change when oil life gets to 20%
  9. 2020 Acura TLX First Drives Are out

    Too bad about this: "Despite its size, the TLX's rear-seat accommodations are on the small side for a luxury compact sedan. But Acura has a reasonable explanation: Consumers' widespread migration to crossovers gave the development team the courage to sacrifice interior space on the altar of...
  10. Canada - Manitoba FS: EBC Yellow Brake Pads, LED turn signals

    Sold my Civic and parting out some of my aftermarket parts. EBC Yellow front brake pads (not for SI or R). Good for spirited street driving or light track use. $75 USD shipped to USA, $90CAD shipped in Canada. Also fits 2003-2015 Accord and 2013-2015 Acura ILX. iJDMToy turn signals...
  11. Schedule to change coolant

    That sounds excessive. Most of my vehicles have been every 7-10 years or 100k miles. I'd just follow the maintenance minder for when it says to change the coolant.
  12. Are you still happy with your Civic?

    There isn't an easy way to have variable intermittent wipers on the cars that have rain sensing wipers. The only way is to pull the cover off the sensor and unplug it.
  13. Are you still happy with your Civic?

    It's fun to drive and efficient, but hasn't lived up to my expectations for comfort, reliability, and quality. I was much happier with the car when I first got it compared to now.
  14. Accord Sport 2.0T engine swap possible?

    A poor man's R with added torque steer, body roll, and undersized brakes. R would probably be easier and cheaper.
  15. 2021 Hyundai Elantra

    Isn't that the previous generation hatch that came out a few years ago?
  16. 2021 Hyundai Elantra

    Looks nice but not interested if it doesn't come in hatchback.
  17. Canada - Manitoba Thule 1852 Traverse Fit Kit for Civic Hatchbacks

    SOLD. This kit is for the 5-door Civic Hatchback and works with Thule 480 and 480R towers. $75 USD shipped to USA or $90 CAD shipped in Canada.
  18. Wake the Dragon 2020 - Event & Registration Information **New dates Aug 21-23**

    Yes, unfortunately with the border situation, I will probably not be attending either.
  19. Possible Recall from Honda for all sedans

    That Facebook post doesn't make much sense, why would the dent make the car unsafe?
  20. Type C USB with Android Auto?

    I've used Monoprice USB-C cables with several generations of Pixels and they've all worked fine.