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  1. Clicking when tilting sunroof

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'll look into taking it in when I get a chance.
  2. Clicking when tilting sunroof

    The other day I opened my sunroof by tilting it and I noticed a clicking sound upon opening. The sunroof seems to be opening normally except for the noise. Anyone else having this problem??
  3. Recalibrate Steering Torque Sensor

    Does anyone have any idea on how to reset the steering torque sensor on the 16 Civic? Trying to rule out any actual mechanical problems with my car as the steering pressure feels uneven between turning left and turning right.
  4. Slight clicking from steering box

    When moving the wheel back and forth while stationary, there's a very faint clicking sound when the wheel goes right but not left. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Suspension Creaking When Turning Steering Wheel

    Haha, that's my intention! I'm getting really sick and tired of dealerships saying they either can't figure out the issue or that the issue doesn't exist.
  6. Suspension Creaking When Turning Steering Wheel

    I took the car into the dealer and they did indeed confirm that there was some problem that's creating the creaking noise I've been hearing. However, they said since they couldn't hear it that well that they were not able to pinpoint where it's coming from and that I should bring it back when...
  7. Steering not returning to center from right

    Hey everyone, I've been having an issue with my steering where it'll return perfectly to the center from the left, but is a little off when turning right, and will not completely center out. I've checked my tire pressure and it seems good. My car has about 13,500 miles and is only about 8...
  8. Suspension Creaking When Turning Steering Wheel

    Ok, thanks! It doesn't seem to be too bad, only when there's a lot of pressure on the struts.
  9. Suspension Creaking When Turning Steering Wheel

    Hi everyone, I apologize if I'm reposting an already discussed issue, this is my first post regarding a problem. I noticed the other day that when my car is on an incline or a decline and I turn the steering while stopped, there's a sort of creaking noise coming from what seems to be the front...
  10. Civic Front Bumper Inner Portion

    Hi everyone, I have the inner matte black portion of the front bumper for the 2016 Civic 4 door sedan which I'm no longer in need in. I'm willing to let it go for $50 + whatever the shipping costs are. The part has is brand new and has never been used.
  11. OUTER PORTION SOLD 2016 Civic Grill

    I do mean the hatch, thanks for the correction :)
  12. OUTER PORTION SOLD 2016 Civic Grill

    Nope, it's the actual black grill, just like on the 2017 coupes
  13. OUTER PORTION SOLD 2016 Civic Grill

    I could go down to $185
  14. OUTER PORTION SOLD 2016 Civic Grill

    I was actually just in an accident that wrecked the front of my car, so as my insurance will be paying to get it repaired, I have no use for these parts anymore. Just to be clear these parts are brand new and have never been used.
  15. OUTER PORTION SOLD 2016 Civic Grill

    OUTER PORTION SOLD Hey guys, Excuse me if I slip up posting this -- I'm new to forums! I have the entire black grill for the 2016 Civic, including the black plastic part that the grill fits onto. I'll sell either of the parts for $120 + shipping, or $200 for both parts + shipping.