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  1. Humming sound when accelerating / Possible boost leak?

    When you notice this. Check if your ac is on. If so, try turning it off.
  2. Car seat rear facing in FK8

    unfortunately I have a super protective wife that will not let me put the car seat in the middle. IF you had it behind the passenger would it be tight in the front seat? Wish I could toss it in the middle:/
  3. Car seat rear facing in FK8

    Hey dads of the FK8 life. I need your opinion and advice. My son is about to move into the stage 1/2 car seat. Obviously I can’t go forward facing YET but I’m looking to buy a seat that will do forward and rear facing. But my biggest concern is the depth from my rear seat to my passenger seat...
  4. Any ideas? Cyclic "Purr" accompanying Direct Injection ticking

    That’s strange. These motors are noisy with the direct injection. Is it worse with fan or Ac on? Engine cold or warm? Sounds almost like something vibrating against plastic but hard to hear
  5. FS: Aero Spec Racing Badges for Sedan

    How are these installed? Never seen the back of them. I’d assume it’s just flat ?
  6. Help 2019 Type R limp mode after PRL intake.

    Before you try that. Pull battery cables, let it sit for a minute. Put them back on and start your car up. Let it idle for 5-10 minutes and relearn. Take it for a test drive. Also check everything is tight.
  7. PRL intercooler installed

    Good to hear! Better get one for myself. Flashpro and some prl goodies are on the next list of things to order. Time to wake this car up.
  8. Flashpro for dummies (me)

    I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now.. but after editing the already tweeked cal you’ve chosen. You need to save it. Rename it something easy to find. I use dates. Once saved. Upload to your car. If your not sure how, YouTube has a million videos on it. You’ll know when it’s doing it. It...
  9. PRL intercooler installed

    Looks great, and does work. Temps will show the result. Regardless, anything helps. I wish I could get my hands on one of those plates you made. On another note, what did you see/notice after the prl intercooler was installed? I’m ordering one soon. Quicker spool? Slight lag? Obviously temps...
  10. Muffler delete on Type R

    I’m in the same boat as you are with the wife and kids/exhaust delete. Getting mine done tonight after reading what you just said. Thank you! Exactly what I was hoping to see from someone that has done this.
  11. Underbody vibration while accelerating?

    I’ve noticed this from day one with my CTR. I seriously think it’s the aggressive LSD in the transmission. It has got a bit better over time as the cars been drivin.
  12. Hondata too lean code

    If I remember right they are one time use/torque style of studs. Everyone has the same problem. Replace them all or check is speedfactory racing makes any upgrades studs yet
  13. Hondata too lean code

    Go have the car tuned.
  14. Protecting Seat Bolsters

    Please keep me informed I’m interested.
  15. 2018 Type R Oil Change Info

    I second exactly what this man is saying. Once I need my oil swapped out I will be going to a different (redline) oil. 0w20 is fine for most people/daily driving. If you have any sprinted or track use I would use a thicker oil. I’ve ran 15w50 redline in my turbo b18c5 motor for 5 years now...
  16. Switch back front side marker

    I recently bought a set. Siliconed the hole at the wire and also ran a thin layer where the back and lense meets (seam). So far everything has been fine. Two months of driving no issues. Might be worth 30 minutes to remove your latest set and apply some around like I did. Sad part is we...
  17. No Jack included?

    My CDN 18 came with a jack and inflation kit. No spare. Are you sure your looking in the right spot? Left side of trunk on the side. Not under the folding cargo area