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  1. Official: 2018 Civic Type R unveiling at Geneva!!!

    a month? more like 2018 just like they are doing with the SI.
  2. Project Blackout.

    can you give a link for the vinyl you used?
  3. SiriusLED Headlight Install

    where did you mount the ballast?
  4. Honda send me a 1 year anniversary card

    nope, have you actually had the car for a year?

    are they still loose or look like they might come out? also did you have to mount the gray ballast looking thing and if so where?
  6. Accessory mode when engine on

    Anyone know a quick way to put the car in accessory mode without turning the car off and turning it on again?
  7. Yearly 2016 Consumer Reports- Yup, the Infotainment kills it.

    hey what is the update called for the ghost touch issue, i went to a dealer today and they told me there is no update for this issue.. they just did a master reset for me so far.
  8. Infotainment System - not working

    do you happen to know what update this was?
  9. 2017 Honda Civic has an updated Infotainment System

    hey are the beeps and switching of the screens sound like pressing the back button? i've been having that problem ever since the e-brake update.
  10. tint & driving at night question

    i have 15% and it was only a problem for the back mirror for a week or two, however my eyes got fairly used to it now.
  11. Turbo vs. Non Turbo

    yup, 1.5T is much faster at the start as well. Just look at the 0 to 60. I count 10 seconds in 0 to 60 for the 2.0 while I get less than 7 in the 1.5.
  12. Android auto notifcation sound

    I have my Phone on vibrate and it still gives me my notification sound.
  13. led brake lights

    anyone have pics of before/after of the led brake lights? I'm thinking of using these:
  14. Plastidipping my grill

    Hey. did the plastidip start to fade away after a few months?
  15. Android auto notifcation sound

    Any way to lower the notification sound when a text is received. The thing is so loud and disrupts the music playing. I can only lower the speaker's voice but the notifcation.
  16. Front emblem removal

    i used these:
  17. Front emblem removal

    i don't have a video but i just used two screwdrivers to hold and pry the emblem from the top and bottom and pulled it out. The two tabs are in the middle. The rear emblem has glue on the sides so use dental floss to dig in it. You can also let the car sit in the sun for a while to make it...
  18. Honda Issues Updates today, VSA is one of them for brake error issue

    I got mines yesterday. Did you run into any problems after? I already have an new infotainment noise problem going on after the update.
  19. Stop Sale/Safety Recall: 2016 Civic VSA Software Update (electric parking brake issue)

    I got this update yesterday. Now all the time it keeps making noises randomly whenever playing audio or even when just driving. The sound it makes is the same as pressing "back" button on the screen.