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  1. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Survey (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2019 Honda Civic Si Total Tune time: 1yr Total Tune Milage: 11,000+ Tuning Device: Hondata Flashpro(Race) Tunes Used: Hondata + 6 Hondata + 9 Tsp stage 1 Custom E tune by Derek Robinson Fuel Used: 92 Additional Engine Mods: 27won CAI(street MAF) 27won Turbo inlet pipe 27won...
  2. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    Who are you the fun police ?
  3. Not ENOUGH Power?

    And you don’t need v8 level hp power to beat V8s. People chasing max hp lol
  4. K Swap

    Get your toxic behind outta here.
  5. Custom Tune or TSP Stage 2 with FBO + Flex Fuel

    My car has been tuned longer then it has been stock. Probably a healthy 10,000 miles with dereks custom tune and absolutely no problems. I do live a little especially now that the highways are empty here. Got a nice $200 speeding ticket the other day(empty road or so I thought, motorcycle cop...
  6. Not ENOUGH Power?

    I’m with kshawn and Charlie, I’ll have the si for a couple years, and I’m still spending money modifying it but I definitely want something with power already in the future. Where the only mods I really need to do is suspension and wheels.
  7. Not ENOUGH Power?

    I saw the vid. 🥴 i didn’t know it ran nitrous though. (edit: that emoji definitely didn’t look that bad on the phone)
  8. Not ENOUGH Power?

    350* is the limit I’d say for fairly easily acquiring power on the si. definitely at that number you’d be insane to still be running stock internals, trans without thinking something will break eventually. I just want 275 on 92. I think that’s achievable on the W1, W2* or the rv6 turbo(all...
  9. Not ENOUGH Power?

    You won’t get to the numbers you’re drooling over with bolt ons though, and the money to build a car to that lev how is ososik at 695whp with Hondata ?
  10. Not ENOUGH Power?

    Why would you need a 1,000 hp street car ?? if you want to chase numbers the highest hp SI is at 695hp, that’s enough for a 10second car. 300hp is good enough, 400 is fast for a car under 3,000lbs.
  11. Blew The Turbo and Seized The Motor

    It’s on their website and two step performance is a reputable company. Kshawns review on the built block is on their website. I’ve been thinking about it as well but I’m comfortable with where I am atm. Maybe when we get to 50-60k miles.
  12. Blew The Turbo and Seized The Motor

    You should have been actively motoring your trimsi etc like someone said. you probably would have picked up clues something was wrong long before you blew your motor/turbo. that goes for people new to tuning. Know what you should be looking For. I don’t know much but I try to read and at...
  13. Those with 27WON RMM, do you hear this?

    Not to be too off topic. I picked a 27won rmm up and im in love. While I torqued the chassis side easily to specs I have trouble torquing the engine side due to limited space between the front pipe and bolt. what was everyone’s solution for this ?
  14. Warranty? Thrown Rod!!

    You can have all 3. you want to do all of the above build your motors.
  15. 27Won Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Haha worshipping the ground PRL walks on.
  16. Time to say goodbye CivicX

    Beautiful car!
  17. Type R Clutch/Flywheel in an Si

    Trashing parts is not something uncommon here. From injens intakes to Boomba BOVs to clutchmasters fx350. I don’t get why you’re concerned about his prices if you’re not going to get one. literally from what I’ve read on here people that have gotten his clutch have thought it well worth the money.