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  1. Why no love for the coupe

    Coupe and sedan aren’t defined by the number of doors. A sedan is a “3 box” design, with a defined hood, cabin and trunk. Coupe literally means cut in French, and in terms of automobiles, is a car “cut” after the rear window, so has no defined trunk. Hence all of these 4 door coupes nowadays...
  2. Wires and rodents...

    Honda, apparently, has electrical tape impregnated with chili powder that they can sell you to wrap all of your wires. Here you go:
  3. Keyless entry does not work if key fob not used within 60 sec prior

    I've had this happen twice in 4 years of ownership. Both time, disconnecting the car battery, waiting a minute and reconnecting fixed the problem. Seems like the proximity key system needs a reset every year or two.
  4. Music versus Navigation Volume - Apple Car Play Issue?

    Same issue with iPhone XR and iOS 13.4.1. Rebooting phone and headunit does not fix the problem. Unplugging and replugging in phone does.
  5. Poll: Is 2021 going to start the 11th generation?

    2021 would be the 6th year for the CivicX. I doubt Honda would go beyond 6 years without a platform change, so 2021 will almost definitely be the last year for at least the regular CivicX. The CTR may go beyond 2021 in 10th gen form though.
  6. Color choice?

    I had a pearl black 8th gen. Black is hardest to keep clean, every speck of dust and dirt will show up. It also shows swirl marks the easiest. However, it is absolutely stunning when clean. However, I will probably never buy a black car again.
  7. True 0 - 60 2.0 sport coupe cvt in s mode

    Since OP is talking about the Sport trim which has paddle shifters, there is no L, only S.
  8. Honda Sensing - Turn off Lane Departure Warning

    There is only Road Departure Mitigation. It monitors the lane markings, whether or not it is the road edge side or another lane. Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) System* Alerts and helps to assist you when the system detects a possibility of your vehicle unintentionally crossing over detected...
  9. Honda Sensing - Turn off Lane Departure Warning

    Button to the left of the steering wheel, above your left knee.
  10. Remember the "small wing Type R"? It's a EUDM 3 cylinder.

    That hatchback in Carscoops is definitely not what was photographed previously as the small wing CTR. The previous photo showed a CTR body and a Type R badge on the back with the tri-exhaust.
  11. Cars have grilles, kitchens/lil' Wayne have grills

    Don't forget: gril noun \ ˈgril \ Definition of gril 1: a very mythical creature found in online games, they are thought to be the opposite sex of a boy
  12. Tesla Cybertruck

    It's not a joke...
  13. Civic wanna be.....

    The Sonata is a mid-size sedan, so it competes with the Accord, not the Civic. The Hyundai Elantra is the direct competitor to the Civic in the compact segment.
  14. High beam light/Canada driver

    Therein lies your answer.
  15. 1.5t vs2.0na

    The only time it fake shifts is near red line when you go WOT. In normal driving, the CVT does not fake shift.
  16. Front radar calibration DIY?

    Here is an article about calibrating the radar on a CRV. It's probably a similar procedure on a Civic. You will need a reverse hex driver, a Honda bubble level tool and Honda...
  17. Steering wheel button not triggering Siri iOS 13.3

    I had a similar issue after updating to iOS 13 where pressing the steering wheel button would bring up the Siri prompt but there would be no interaction. A hard reboot of my phone fixed the problem (Vol Up, Vol Down, long press Power until Apple logo appears).
  18. Winter Tire Size

    You're much better off getting a dedicated set of winter wheels. Then you can downsize to 17" and it will be cheaper in the long run. You'll pay $100+ twice a year to swap your tires off rims. If you're on dedicated winter wheels, it'll be more like $30, or $0 if you do it yourself.