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  1. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    I'm in Canada but its the same for USA:
  2. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    My AC on my 2017 Si was blowing hot air when I used it the first heat wave of the summer a month ago. I was at about 22k miles. Took it in the next week and it was the condenser that leaked. Was replaced under warranty since I have 4 year warranty but I asked the service advisor and the...
  3. Should I buy a 2020 Si????

    Awesome dude. Enjoy!
  4. Should I buy a 2020 Si????

    I had the rear suspension clunking in cold weather issue (I'm in Montreal also :)), The first winter (2017-2018) with the car there was a TSB but the revised parts did NOT fix the problem. This past winter (2019-2020) there was a second TSB and these parts fixed the problem. I'm pretty sure...
  5. Rear Suspension Clunking

    It is Honda Service Bulletin B-1-19 . Just mention you have the clunking noise and that you heard/know there is a TSB and they have no choice but to fix it. It is not that cold out right now so hopefully they don't give you trouble if they can't reproduce the noise.
  6. Cabin Air Filter Service for $80 (LOL)

    That was $11CAN that's why it seems "expensive" for you US folks :)
  7. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Also FYI but the TSB is Canada only for now and it is for the 2017-2019 Si so the guys with EX's not sure they will do the TSB.
  8. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Free. Just mention the problem and the TSB number mentioned above and they have no choice to do it. They may want to replicate the problem as part of the diagnosis. My dealer didn't and just did the TSB. I complained ever winter though and had done the original TSB also though so it was in my...
  9. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Update: Good news guys and girls. I got the newly revised TSB done last week. Both Saturday and Sunday morning this weekend it was -20c (-4f) feels like -28c (-18f) and no more clunking from the rear suspension! Too bad it was fixed on the 3rd winter with my car. Also let's hope this fix lasts...
  10. Camber and tire feathering

    It was his rear tires that were feathered though.
  11. Camber and tire feathering

    I had the same problem this past summer. Maybe 2-3 months after putting my summer wheels/tires (alignment was done also), I started hearing noise from the rear. I thought it was a bad wheel bearing. I never had the time to go check it out so they looked at it when I was switching to my winter...
  12. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Which dealership in Montreal do you go to?
  13. Rear Suspension Clunking

    I was just at the dealership today for an unrelated problem and I brought up the new tsb for the clunking to the service advisor. He ordered the parts and should take 2 weeks to get. I'll update once the fix is done.
  14. Brakes

    There is a TSB in Canada for the rear brakes. Got it in another thread on here.
  15. Rear Suspension Clunking

    -10c/14f this morning and no clunking like I had the 2 other winters. No parts changed...
  16. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Is anyone able to get the Honda Service Bulletin B-1-19 in pdf like the first one?
  17. Key fob low battery warning message

    What battery typo did you use? Should be a CR2032.
  18. Product Advisory from Honda

    I just got my letter so for anyone that is interested, Canada is included in this product advisory.
  19. Sold: 235/40/18 Winter Tires On SI Rims Like New

    This is a great deal! I see just the set of rims going for $1000+ so the rims with new winter tires for $1200 is a steal.
  20. Product Advisory from Honda

    Is this advisory/warranty extension for Canada also?