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  1. Any idea when dealers will get 2021 Civics?

    I wasn't making it up lol, they are currently shipping from the plant to the dealers. Mass pro has already switched to 2021 model.
  2. Any idea when dealers will get 2021 Civics?

    That's impossible. The plants haven't started building them yet lol. To OP, they should start hitting dealers in the second half of October.
  3. Paint code 2020 si Rim

    You'll need a matte clear coat or something as the regular NH-547 isn't going to match the finish. Colour will match but will dry closer to a gloss or semi-gloss.
  4. Is Championship White one-stage paint?

    Right, as I said, colour position only. The colour code will not tell you anything about how that colour is achieved or what kind of paint is used (single stage, tri-coat, tint-coat, solvent borne, water borne, etc.). That comes from the formulation spec specific to the manufacturing line. It's...
  5. 74910-TGG-A01 paint code

    This part is painted NH-547, Berlina Black, as is the front grille. The garnishes in the bumpers are not painted, just material colour.
  6. Paint code 2020 si Rim

    The paint used on these is Matte Berlina Black and, unfortunately, is not available for touch up purposes so the code is irrelevant.
  7. What color is the primer under our paint?

    Your info is correct about the E-Coat, which is likely what the OP is referencing for colour, but these cars absolutely still have primer applied between the E-Coat and the Basecoat colour layer (the colour you see). Depending on the plant and paint technology used at the plant, it will be some...
  8. Is Championship White one-stage paint?

    Honda colour codes only dictate colour position, not application layers or material technology, and there is no difference whether or not the hyphen is present. Your NH-0 car has clear coat.
  9. TuxMat?

    I haven't had any concerns.
  10. Official TONIC YELLOW PEARL Civic Thread

    Welcome to the band!
  11. Paint Already Flaking/Chipping!

    Canadian built Civics have only been waterborne paint for the last 8 months.
  12. Paint Already Flaking/Chipping!

    What plant did your car come from? First digit of the vin will tell me. Thanks!
  13. Best Weighted Shift Knob?

    I've currently got a Billetworkz knob that has great size and heft. I've got a Mugen weighted carbon knob as well that's very comfortable. Not as heavy at the billet knob but I think I little heavier than the stock knob.
  14. What's your SI looking like today?

    Don't wait if you don't need to!
  15. What's your SI looking like today?

    Had my car parked with the first Canadian built coupe today at the plant to commemorate the last coupes being built this week! A '93 Si. Also just installed the HFP side sill garnishes. Love the shape!
  16. HFP suspension on 2019 Canadian SI

    Any pics with the HFP wheels installed? Been debating for a while now as one of my cheaper options available, but not like what you paid lol, $750 with the PS4S is an unreal deal!
  17. Something in clear coat

    Can you take some pictures from different angles? Very difficult to tell at the angle you've picked.
  18. The quest for 500miles on single tank of gas

    My best run to date was 802km @ 5.6L/100km, or 498mi @ 50.4mpg. Bone stock everything. I wouldn't classify as hypermiling, just easy, conscientious driving, still done on my standard commute, not a special highway run or anything. 94 Octane.
  19. Stock Si wheels customized.. What do you guys think?

    I think the Type R center caps will go further with the look you're going for, and black lugs. Just my opinion.
  20. Official ENERGY GREEN Civic Thread

    That's what all the coupes look like, and GY30P was only available on coupes, so yes, they all have it.