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  1. Tips for a Manual Beginner?

    This car is amazing for beginner and it doesn't stall easily. it can start rolling on 1st by slowly depressing clutch without gas. And not to mention its wonderful on-hill feature which helps preventing the car from rolling back, quite handy!! Enjoy the car!!
  2. Pull on highway feels like loosing power

    Have you checked out an O2 sensor extender? I have read some good results coming from that product, and it can fix the cel issue too.
  3. Castles downpipe cel

    what catless dp did you put on? Do you feel any gain? Did the cel come on right after install or it took some driving to come on??
  4. A noob question - How should we use the "G Force" indicator??

    It's very obvious how that indicator works, but how is it being helpful? For example, can I use it as a gauge on how fast I can go on an high way ramp? Like, the car can go faster when the indicator is not reaching from the outer circle? Really want to figure out how to make a good use with...
  5. How long did your stock tires last?

    Nice - what Hankooks did you swap to??
  6. How long did your stock tires last?

    For those who DD only (not taken to track), how long did your tires last? What's the mileage on them?
  7. Non-oxygenated gas + fuel stablizer for winter storage??

    My local Shell is selling non-oxygenated 91 at a higher price than regular 93. For my daily drive, I'd go for 93. But now I am wondering if I should use the non-oxygenated gas + fuel stabilizer for coming winter storage. Any tips and info would be highly appreciated. TIA
  8. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Wish you good luck - plz keep us posted. Is
  9. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Nice DP!! Are you running with Hondata or KTuner? If you are running it stock, please report back if the fouler works to prevent any CEL. This would be my dream part to do but I want to keep my ecu stock. Lucky you!!
  10. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    @fatherpain Nice addition, making me jealous. Do you notice any significant improvement from the DP/FP? And how is the defouler working, seeing any cel? Last, what does that "mid flow restrictor" do? What's the benefit? As usual, good write-up ;-)
  11. I snapped the bolt stud on the turbo charger when installing Turbo Blanket.

    If this works, does it mean that there is nothing wrong with that "right corner stud", like there aren't any wrong threads on it? You should have taken a picture of that stud in its perfect stage. I will do catless dp as soon as there is one guaranteed of error-code free out there!!
  12. Help need a Cover for my Type R as its parked outside

    Try renting a garage from apt units in the area. If this is not your daily, then you can find somewhere farther with lower cost. Good Luck and have fun with the car, and take a good care of her!!
  13. Clanking / Tapping Sound when in Reverse (video)

    How could a valve stem inner nuts make that clanking noise? especially only at lower speed? Too bad that's not something I can check myself...
  14. Clanking / Tapping Sound when in Reverse (video)

    Hmm....not quite the same noise. Mine is just like the OP's 1st video, you can hear then "clanking" when he was in backing out.
  15. Clanking / Tapping Sound when in Reverse (video)

    Yes, the clanking noise is so loud you can hear with all windows up. It's clanking, like quitar playing, not sqealing at all. Yes, slow turning and sometimes when the car is coming to a stop. So, it is quite embarrassing when it happens as I am coming to a stop light.
  16. Clanking / Tapping Sound when in Reverse (video)

    Sorry to bring up the dead, but I have been having the "Clanking" noise, on and off, when the car is slowing down and turning at the same time. I am sure that it's not the squeaking noise by a stuck rock in the brake shield at all. It almost sounds like a metal spring or a metal line getting...
  17. Opinions please on two deals

    Same boat here, but that is actually oil stain from your hand. just rub it with wet towel or baby wipe, it will go back to black. Hope this helps 😉 Back to topic - i would get a brand new car unless there are more than 10 grands in saving. HTH ✌️
  18. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    Wow, nice hood!! Have you noticed any temp drop in daily driving condition? Heat soak improvement? Also, would water get into the engine bay thru the center opening? It seems like it would.
  19. Help please!

    i believe they CR2032 here is a link on how to, should be similar - enjoy your new ride!!
  20. Anyone from Minnesota?

    oh yeah, i have heard worse, years ago my friends brand new Mercede SUV for first oil change at Freeman, and he came from St Cloud. by the time he got back home after service, he found that they didnt put back the oil cap, and there was oil splaashing everywhere.