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  1. Type R buzzing sound around 3100-3400rpm

    You have to remove the piece by the door jamb, kick panel, panel underneath the hvac, side panel between the dash and door and lastly the glove box and it’s housing. From there you will see the foot vent which you need to pop off to get access inside.
  2. Type R buzzing sound around 3100-3400rpm

    I’ve had a issue similar to this, accords also seem to have a similar issue since the hvac system is the same. Someone on the accord forum found a China tsb to fix the issue which seemed to pinpoint the issue. I wedged some rubber in the vent divider as shown and haven’t had a rattle since...
  3. '16 Civic, Rear Rotors Scorched, Cracked & Rusted

    Did you happen to have your car rust proofed somewhere like Ziebart? I notice a thick coating of something over suspension components.

    I can’t speak to the reliability of the 2020 AC, but they have revised some components over time so I’d get a 2020 over used. In addition if you live in cold climate they revised the 2020 rear suspension shock mount to fix the clunking. Also addressed the A-pillar rattle, updated radio with a...
  5. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Does anyone have a copy of the Canadian TSB for reference?
  6. Have any of you driven or own a 2020 Hatch Sport Touring with the manual?

    This isn’t true, the lsd has no effect on highway driving, if you are feeling minor tugging something is wrong, or lkas is causing the feeling which it does slightly. The lsd in the si is a torsen gear lsd vs a clutch style and will act as an open differential with one tire on ice. I encourage...
  7. 2020 CIVIC SI SEDAN 12-14psi at 100% throttle, but at 75%-80% 17psi-18psi?

    Modern turbo cars are way more complex then the old ones, peak boost is not a sole indicator of power, manufacturers can get power in more ways then boost hence varying boost levels we see. Adding/removing timing, fuel delivery/timing, cam phasing all play a role. I’m not well versed enough to...
  8. Is this gap normal?

    That gap is normal, there is nothing clipping it in. I’ve pulled that entire area apart, the section is designed to flex with body movement. Next time you’re driving stick your fingers between the two parts and you can feel it move a little over road imperfections. As far as the creaking are...
  9. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Unfortunately Honda USA does not recognize Honda Canada TSBs, I got the run around even after bringing the first TSB for this issue after it came out.
  10. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Would it be possible for you to get a copy/pictures of the TSB for us in the USA since Honda seems to be omitting us. That way we can do it ourselves.
  11. 2019 1.5L - Watch Your Oil Levels....

    As the post above says, the oil level varies a lot depending on how long you let the engine sit, Honda states to check the level 3-5 minutes after running if I’m not mistaken so you should be checking and comparing the oil level then.
  12. Rear Suspension Clunking

    The si has some different suspension components then the general civic so it is a separate issue and they don’t have a spare tire. Plus Honda issued a tsb for this issue already once but retracted it after it didn’t work confirming the issue. This clunking only occurs below 15-20f typically, if...
  13. Rear Suspension Clunking

    I It must be a Canadian service bulletin again because I don’t see any TSB on the NHTSA website for the issue which is really unfortunate.
  14. What's your favorite all-season tire/brand?

    As someone who does winter autocross on ice, a brand new all season can’t hold a candle to even a partially worn down winter tire. I know someone who had new DWS-06 tires on one of their cars and wanted to see how they could perform. Needless to say a new driver had no problem beating his times...
  15. No Rev hang when car sits in the sun all day

    AC compressor load is pulling the engine down during shifts.
  16. Extended Crank

    I had the issue occasionally as previously mentioned, but after the fuel dilution software update, I haven’t had a single issue since.
  17. Recall 18-137 Software update with A/C Control Unit

    Running the car for 5 minutes at 3k rpm is not going to hurt anything, it’s not under any load, everything is being cooled with coolant and lubricated with oil. The turbo is not creating any boost. If this was an issue with any manufacture, engines would be blowing up left and right...
  18. New 2018 Civic: weird sound on startup?

    That sounds like an aftermarket security system, did the dealer install anything?
  19. My soundproofing and deadening project...

    Where did you happen to add butyl and ccf to the firewall and rear seat? I did the doors and the trunk, Honda didn’t have any insulation around the rear wheel well on the si like upper models do. Did you happen to take any pictures along the way? And last question, what materials did you use?
  20. Oil dilution and body style

    Honda posted a video regarding the fuel dilution issues with the CRV.