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  1. Thanks Carvana

    Bought my gti autobhan for $27k and this is their offer wow haha.
  2. Want a new 2021 Civic sedan with a manual?

    put a dsg or zf in there and call it a day. A CTR with zf trans will sells like hotcake.
  3. Multiple Codes, No Power Steering - 2017 Civix Ex-T

    It happened to me once on the freeway. Everything was flashing and engine stopped giving power. Towed off the freeway and everything worked again.
  4. Aftermarket TPMS Ideas

    I was going to try out those Bluetooth tpms that screw over the valve but looks ugly and gave up that idea.
  5. help all cylinders misfire today on highway

    I read on this forum, bov is bad in this car. Idk, but good luck and be safe.
  6. Removal of foil dealer sticker?

    I used a blow torch and it working great.
  7. Skid Plate?

    When op needed help. It always changed to different argument on this forum haha.
  8. Skid Plate?

    The one for type R only cost $40.
  9. Skid Plate?

    I don't think so.
  10. Skid Plate?

    Buy the type R plate or buy those ebay/Alibaba hard plastic one.
  11. 2018 Si 30k miles maintenance

    Follow the code on the dashboard and check what's the manual say. Most likely oil change, brake fluid, oil filter, the usual stuff.
  12. Is American Modified a legit company?

    To give people a feeling they sell quality stuff. I bet all of their items are Chinese knock off and cheap stuff.
  13. Garret files for chapter 11

    Buy more turbo cars.
  14. What is the part number of this relay i broke mine best match I could found. 38231-TBA-A01 the amp numbers on top seem matching too.
  15. Civic hatchback or GTI

    Get the gti and open a saving account. Deposit $50 into that account each week. When the warranty expire, you will have tone of money to fix it. Pre-2019 gti has 6 year bumper to bumper and powertrain warranty. Starting with 2020 gti, it has 4 years bumper to bumper and 6 years powertrain. Most...
  16. Car shutters when cold starting

    Bad battery? At least that’s what happened on my civic.
  17. Civic hatchback or GTI

    I can't say about the 17 gti. But I went from 16 civic 1.5t to 2019 gti autobahn dsg. I will never going back to honda. Test drive both car and see what's suit you. The gti will cost more to maintain that's for sure. I opened a saving account just for that haha. Also, thought about 2019+ gti...
  18. Dash lights

    Dark green mean saving gas, light green mean saving little gas, white mean not saving gas and killing the environment around you.
  19. Has any of y’all ordered from redline360

    Never hear of them but you can always open a dispute with your credit card company if things doesn’t match up.
  20. How much do you have invested in your Civic and build?

    If I have $100k I will get an Audi RS and call it a day.