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  1. Wheel Fitment - Scrub Radius

    Simple, looks!! I did consider sticking as close as possible to stock scrub radius because I didn't want to change the stock geometry too much. I went with 235/35R 19 19x8.5 45mm.
  2. Oil dilution fix in europe?

    Mine is stock indeed. Still considering a K-Tuner but with all the short trips I do I don't floor it very often and I'm questioning if it's worth it.
  3. Oil dilution fix in europe?

    My dealer said they would contact Honda Belgium but today they didn't mention anything from it. They do said that they have another customer with the same complaints. I don't think they will come up with any solution. If I have any problem in the future as a result from this, at least it's...
  4. Oil dilution fix in europe?

    Oil and filter is changed. They scanned for fault codes but nothing was found about the oil warning. They always make me feel like I'm exaggerating, like I'm seeing ghosts and there is nothing wrong with it....
  5. Oil dilution fix in europe?

    Off course it's not normal. Belgium is a colder country then Spain, especially in the winter. You also have driven more kilometers then me. Considering both I don't think you will have any problems.
  6. Oil dilution fix in europe?

    I asked myself to change the oil this time because I want to be safe. I'm not risking of driving any loner with diluted oil. It's not normal that the oil warning light is coming on 2 times in 2 weeks. Standard oil change is still at 20k according to the manual. I'm one of the first who bought...
  7. Oil dilution fix in europe?

    Mine is going in tomorrow for an inspection. They're going to check for fault codes etc and an early oil change. Only been driving for 6000km with this oil. My change intervals are at 10000km, I specifically asked this because of the short trips.
  8. 19х8.5 or 9.5 for hatch sport?

    I have 19x8.5 ET45 with Eibach Pro springs. If you want to see how it looks, you can check my garage.
  9. Oil dilution fix in europe?

    Mine also came on a couple of weeks ago. I checked the oil and it was also above the dipstick maximum mark. I called the dealer about it and they said it's fine but when it comes again I must call them. Well, guess what, today it came on again. Called them and they are going to call Honda about...
  10. OZ Ultraleggera HLT 19" - will they fit?

    Correct, but ET45 instead of ET38.
  11. OZ Ultraleggera HLT 19" - will they fit?

    I don't have the exact specs on me for the moment but they are available trough any suspension dealer/installer. I have no rubbing issues.
  12. Getting Eibach Pro kit installed this me your Pro kits

    And it was ok, no problems whatsoever :)
  13. Getting Eibach Pro kit installed this me your Pro kits

    All in between specs except for the left rear. According to the alignment center it's just in tolerance and it would be fine for the inspection. We'll see, I hope it will be ok.
  14. Getting Eibach Pro kit installed this me your Pro kits

    Yes I do. On Wednesday I have an appointment for the inspection.
  15. Wallpaper Issues .

    Only with Honda Hack installed.
  16. 1.5T Do the Si and the european 1.5 sport hatch share engine?

    It's not completely the same engine. If you do a search you will the differences or you can check this topic : Not every dyno is calibrated correctly and they can sometimes give wrong results. But it's also...
  17. Adaptive cruise control

    Afaik I did too. Yep, it's my experience too but that was also the case with some of my previous cars with normaal CC after you press resume. True, but that's typically for Belgian drivers :D
  18. Adaptive cruise control

    Hmm, I've tested the 'LIM' button a while ago and the only thing it does it limiting my speed when I reach a certain set speed. It doesn't work as normal CC or I've must've done something wrong. It's not that I don't like ACC but in some circumstances normal CC is better. The ACC is very slow...