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  1. Estimated cost to wrap the roof black including vortex generators ,fins, etc.?

    If I were to do it myself, I'd get a 5x8 roll (about 100$ on RVinyl), and paint the antenna cover. Wrapping the fins is tricky if you've never wrapped before.
  2. gtman gets his emissions tested while running a tune - details inside

    Nice, so if you run a stock downpipe and carb legal intake, you should be fine on emissions.
  3. Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film?

    The cost of professional ceramic is 80% the prep work.
  4. 2017 Civic Hatchback EX Subwoofer Install

    Someone may need to correct me on this. The adjustment from the LOC is like the signal strength or volume control, and the adjustment on the amp fine tunes the signal to remove noise and adjust frequency and gain. The bass control knob does the same job whether it comes from the LOC or the amp.
  5. 2017 Civic Hatchback EX Subwoofer Install

    Your amp probably has adjustments as well, so what I did was leave the radio loosely mounted to get a rough adjustment on the LOC, and then made finer adjustments with the amp, then button everything up. I ran the ground to the spare tire well with a self tap screw, it's worked fine so far.
  6. If you buy your Honda at Dealership X, but there is an issue. Can you take it to A,B,C Dealership?

    Manufacture warranty will work at any dealer. A dealer specific warranty, like paint/dent protection, might be dealer specific, check the warranty fine print.
  7. Well...... hmm.......... this is a first I've seen on a 10th gen....

    I want to know if it changes the sound at all
  8. Is it easy to repair?

    If you plan to keep them looking stock, then no. If you plan to paint them then it can be "fixed"
  9. 2017 Civic Hatchback EX Subwoofer Install

    I've heard, and I think someone confirmed, the front speakers have a better signal. Other people have tapped the rears and even the stock sub lines, but I don't know how much a difference there is.
  10. New Modder Here, How do I get bangs and pops?

    27Won on stock DP does the same thing.
  11. Custom Exhaust Cost?

    People said it ran about 800$ total. Not bad, but still could run into issues with it scrapping.
  12. Custom Exhaust Cost?

    It does not. I can double check later tonight but I'm 99% sure it wont fit an EX. There's a handful of exhausts in tiawan for the EX, like pro drager, and it runs under the tire well.
  13. 2017 Civic Hatchback EX Subwoofer Install

    A regular line out converter will work just fine. An amp wire kit will have plenty of wire to run to anywhere in the car you want.
  14. Resolved: HELP Weird Exhaust Noise

    Specialty hangers? That shop should have been bending over backwards to fix their fuck up, and they have the balls to tell you to buy your own hangers.
  15. What's the use of the trunk button on the Type R keyfob?

    Could try swapping out to Type R lift arms
  16. Custom Exhaust Cost?

    The shop I used wouldn't use 2.5" pipe because they said it couldn't make the bend around the spare tire well without crushing. A "better" shop may not have this problem, but then you have a 90 degree bend at the tips, which is another issue to tackle. We ended up using a tip like this and...
  17. Remote Heating For SI?

    They didn't want to put remote start on a manual. My wifes '18 EX has remote start, my '20 Sport touring 6MT does not, purely because it's a manual. You have to get an aftermarket remote start and find someone willing to install it on manuals.
  18. 1.5T New Exhaust Option for 1.5T Base Sedan and non-Sport Hatch

    It's not about "need", it's about the look. If they made it a dual exhaust and shortened it I think people would like it better. The coupe and hatchback are the same length exhausts, the sedans are a couple inches longer.
  19. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Interested in how it sounds, keep us posted.