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  1. 2016 Civic LX sport rims

    I was wondering why that wheel was half the price, then I read the description. It's a refinished/remanufactured wheel. Other wheels on their site are replicas. Just make sure you know what you are getting. Also, it doesn't come with center caps.
  2. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

    Your best bet is to sign up for their newsletter. They will send an email when they are available. I’m waiting for the signature orange, which is due out towards the end of the month, along with another batch of the black.
  3. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    Are you running a TSP tune? if so, you could rock one of these frames. EDIT: Nevemind, I just noticed you had a 17 EX, so no TSP tune for you. :)
  4. Wake the Dragon 2020 Photos / Media Thread

    Yeah, it’s always a bummer when you can’t make a clean run! That’s one reason the original event is scheduled in April. There is less traffic for sure, but you can never count on having it all to yourself. You just have to hope for the best and keep going up and down like you did. There are...
  5. Fog light wires

    Yeah, You have to get it off the ground so you can get to some clips underneath. Like I said, YouTube is going o be your friend on this one.
  6. Fog light wires

    Those instructions are for if you were to wire the fog lights as if they were from the factory. This requires replacing the headlight switch on the steering column with a combination switch. This is way too much work in my opinion. Any of your aftermarket fogs are going to come with a separate...
  7. Wake the Dragon 2020 Photos / Media Thread

    Another pic of my “crew “ That’s my friend who works with me in the STI. Kid couldn’t even drive a stick three months ago! He did great though, made me proud!
  8. Wake the Dragon 2020 Photos / Media Thread

    I had an absolute blast as always! Regardless of the weather, there was still plenty of dry time and the fellowship was great. There is nothing like hanging out with people who have the same interests! I need more of these types of things in my life for sure! A big thanks to all those who...
  9. Wake the Dragon 2020 - Event & Registration Information **New dates Aug 21-23**

    Edit: Room has been taken.....Anyone need a place to stay other than Fontana? I ended up reserving a room at the Quality Inn in Robbinsville since it was looking like Fontana was not going to open. Now Fontana is open and I am stuck with the hotel because it was reserved no cancellation. The...
  10. Deep socket or extension?

    Be careful using the torque wrench to loosen the lugs. If they are torqued higher than your wrench goes, you could damage the wrench. Personally, I only use the torque wrench to tighten them. I use the stock wrench to bust them loose.
  11. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    Held out on the underglow as long as I could.:cool:
  12. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    I'd pass on those. Black does look horrible on CBM. I don't even like those wheels on the Si. In fact, I see a lot of people get rid of those wheels as soon as they get the car.
  13. Show your Emblems

    Check out carbonsixthelement on the gram..... or aero_spec_racing or Eric at Jets vinyl can custom make you whatever overlay you want...
  14. Official COSMIC BLUE Civic Thread

    Swapped out the cf lip for a gloss black one.
  15. What have you done to your Civic in the past 18 months-- before and after pics

    I will have had the car two years in a couple weeks. Mod list in my showcase,
  16. 2.0L CivicX 2.0L Tuning - BIG Gains Confirmed For The Second Time

    You're going to have to reach out to KTuner for support. Something weird is going on with your unit.
  17. PSA: Lock Doors When Going Through Car Wash

    That stinks! Did you disable the auto lock that engages when the car starts moving?
  18. Stock tune + Tail of the Dragon and HPDE track events

    If I can do it in my *ahem* LX, I can assure you that you will be fine. I pushed mine hard at the Dragon last year. Hell, I even ran with the aggressive group all weekend and the car took it like a champ!