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  1. Tennessee Trade for KTuner V2 from Hondata for 1.5t

    It's too bad Hondata is not cross vehicle compatible, I am trying to trade my Ktuner for Hondata but for an FK8.
  2. (1.5T) Solid results from MSD Blaster Ignition Coils

    I think any improvement you're seeing is just a placebo. A simple intake would hardly be a cause for concern when it comes to the ignition system, unless you were seeing some type of misfire.
  3. Need Help! Wiring Single Sub+Amp

    Read my edit, you will need an LOC no matter what with that amp up to you if you want to spend for the features of the LC2i. If you're a casual audio guy you might be okay with your typical cheap LOC. If you really want to fine tune better sound out of your car, then you will want something like...
  4. Need Help! Wiring Single Sub+Amp

    People use the LC2i because the factory system has bass roll off. The louder you turn up the volume the sub volume does not increase. Honda does this to protect the paper factory sub. If you install it without an LC2i or similar device, you usually end up with too much bass at low volume or not...
  5. Naperformance kzcmc

    I received mine packaged in the original honda packaging as well, it was modified just install it. Not sure why you would open a dispute or why you would think someone with Emans reputation would just send you a stock CMC. I had a Clutchmasters clutch and the difference was easy to feel, idk...
  6. Greddy DDR or HKS legamax exhaust?

    The DDR is borderline a straight pipe, it is louder than both with a downpipe but the downpipe makes a huge difference I don't think it is as loud as (HKS+catless DP). Expect more drone than the HKS. Just listen to the videos of the exhaust with a good pair of headphones I personally think it is...
  7. Greddy DDR or HKS legamax exhaust?

    The Legamax has bigger mufflers though, they are pretty close but the Spec L is pretty tame without a downpipe. Without a downpipe I think a lot of the exhaust for the FK8 sound very similar.
  8. Greddy DDR or HKS legamax exhaust?

    The HKS is super quiet, the Spec L is the louder one and even that one is rather quiet with a stock downpipe. If you want loud the Greddy DDR is what you want, it also sounds super mean with a downpipe but gets quite loud.
  9. Should I upgrade from my FKX catless DP/FP?

    Most downpipes even cheap ones won't always break. The heat isn't what causes them to break it is usually engine movement while they are super hot that breaks them. I had PLM For 30k + miles and never had it break because I ran a rear motor mount since day one and had quality tires that didn't...
  10. Should I upgrade from my FKX catless DP/FP?

    The turbo (including the w1) is so small, the gains would be minimal by upgrading to a larger downpipe. You may not get enough return on your expense, I'd say just go for the w1.
  11. Do I need a tune do get a catless DP?

    Don't own a CVT to tell you, I'd imagine with the way they decelerate tho that a catless downpipe would probably be your best bet.
  12. Do I need a tune do get a catless DP?

    You don't need a tune, Ktuner/Hondata is just so you can disable the Check Engine Light that comes from having no cat. You can use a defouler though but sometimes you will still see a check engine light when your car is idling for longer periods of time. Some people stuff the defouler or add...
  13. Subwoofer Enclosures For CivicX

    Would absolutely be a customer for a hatch back, would be great if you could get a mold for both sides. Want some of these for my JL 10w6s, they only require .55 cubic feet, so your first designs are a little big
  14. 18x9.5 255x35 wheel setup

    I never used them on my Si, if you tighten your lugs properly there is no need. I do have a set for my Type R though, just some generic cheap ones I found on amazon. They work well.
  15. 18x9.5 255x35 wheel setup

    Look up my threads you should see my white coupe on rpf1s at the time I had 255/35 I only have a few pics of the 265 as I have a type R now
  16. 18x9.5 255x35 wheel setup

    In 5x114.3 those are perfect specs, my buddy and I ran those same specs with 265/35/18 and it looks great and aggressive
  17. 18x9.5 255x35 wheel setup

    You can't run 5x100 wheels on a 5x114.3 car. You will need to run adapters, which are at least a 20mm spacer or 25mm. After adapters you will be down to a 18x9.5 +18 or 18x9.5 +13. At that point you are going to need camber and stretched tires in order to run it.
  18. Starting a complete audio build, 2 way active front stage, DSP, sub.

    I use to have 2 10w3s and they really sounded amazing. Should have never sold em I thought I could be content with a single 8 in the stock enclosure only to wind up spending the cash for w6s
  19. Cleaning under the hood

    If you have a bit of common sense there is no reason you can't wash out your engine bay. I've used my pressure washer on my R without a problem. It's totally possible to clean it safely, even just removing the engine cover to wash it and wiping down the engine bay with a rag and degreaser is a...
  20. Subwoofer box for hatchback

    You should sell some of those on here, I would totally pay for a box made like that for my R. Around here the only shop I really trust, is backed up until the end of October to do anything.