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  1. Motec for non-si?

    yes it does. I almost bought it before i got a type r.. bought a motec for that instead.. ask here or pm me your questions
  2. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    My package didnt have the fans set up, the condenser pressure was high (from no cooling) and the ac compressor turned on and off every second. Got the fans working and the clutch engaged and dis engaged normally. If youve downloaded your package, send it to me i can check those.. are simple...
  3. FK8 Intake Tube Purge Jet

    still shot from the video in my build thread
  4. FK8 Intake Tube Purge Jet

    interesting. I deleted mine.
  5. kzCMC Clutch Master Cylinder 10th genSi / Hatch

    its well known its just drilling through to the piston bore from the front to bypass the dampner. And welding the top dampner holes shut. Some say this mod makes your pedal "bounce". Is it worth it? sure , more direct feel never hurts anything.
  6. kzCMC Clutch Master Cylinder 10th genSi / Hatch

    take the 3 bolts off and look.
  7. Stock MAF scaling issues and corrections.

    source? You dont think honda had a k20c strapped to a engine dyno for weeks making the tune right?
  8. Are 2020 Civic Type R's Still Overheating on track?

    Can't wait to go out there with my car on 20 psi
  9. Tips for a Manual Beginner?

    my wife can drive my car (in a parking lot)..She hasnt driven a manual car in 10 years, and has never driven a manual car more than a parking lot. you can do it if youve driven any other manual before
  10. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    the ping is the deceleration fuel cut off, changes were made to mine to get rid of the audible "pop"..def noticed it too with the ecu and not on stock ecu.
  11. Battery change procedure

    the radio looks for a matching vin number in the ecu to power on with no code. Should never have to worry about a code or setting in the radio. Non matching vin, it asks for a code.
  12. KOYORAD radiator VS. Spoon VS. Full Race

    so what is the concensus after 6 pages- racing in desert 100 deg ambient heat, cr rad. Tracking in normal ~75f, temps temps any OTS rad is fine?
  13. P0128 Code

    thermostat lets coolant in the motor not out, just a fyi
  14. The reason you do not desensitize knock!!!

    Kock sensors are calibrated to listen to a certain FREQUENCY. You're comparing old v8 technology to ecus that can monitor multiple frequencies on a single sensor. Ive never seen an issue with bolt ons, but a loose component theoretically make enough noise to reach the knock sensor noise...
  15. FK8 Technical Wiki and Modding Megathread

    no body wants regrinds that loose power except over 6000 rpm. They claim gains in the whole map but they havent posted a graph and the one on the video has losses all through the range except in the top 1000 rpm.
  16. DW300c low pressure fuel pump

    Seems to be people are upgrading it just so do it. No data has been posted to suggest the stock pump isn't good enough. I actually have a pressure sensor on my feed and it drops to about 76-78 under WOT and only looses 1 psi by red line.. E70 and efr on 26-27 psi. gasoline cars should never...
  17. Greddy Supreme SP HG Catback exhaust

    These threads are always funny. Spend $$$ on parts then ask if they fit afterwards.