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  1. Wait for 2021 CTR?

    Sad but true, this for us might be it.
  2. High Pressure Fuel Pump

    No, I just wonder if we will get lucky enough to get this kit before the end of the month. I was talking about time frame purely due the virus stoping everything worldwide.
  3. High Pressure Fuel Pump

    First victim of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) for Type R owners, launch was set for this month & nothing yet, 6 days left.
  4. What are some "must dos" as a new owner?

    Car front seat covers. Film protector on the front of the car, with or without ceramic coating Rear brake pads will go earlier than the front one, so keep an eye on that. Oil change every 5k miles. Watch for potholes, you can keep stock equipment as long as you remember where are the...
  5. Best Fitting Ebay-Style Grille?

    Other than OEM, there is none. If you browse a bit, you will find other fellow owners feedback about how bad is the fitting when it comes to that part, this is applicable from the eBay special to the most expensive one. So proceed with caution and get true expectations. Note: for what we need...
  6. Hood Vents

    Have you got pics of whole kit installed?
  7. Finesse - The Type R -

    Ding ding ding ding!
  8. 30 offset, yes or no

    Nope. Don't like that offset. Get something 45+.
  9. Mishimoto Oil Catch Can - Cleaning

    Thanks for sharing:thumbsup:, Important feedback. My daily 90 % highway driving & have never collected so much like on your picture. I can say that there is a noticeable different on city-highway, with a bit of condensation, depending where you live, when it’s cold, the color of the gunk...
  10. First upgrades??

    1st mod: Cooling, cooling & more cooling.
  11. What Shift Knob are you currently using?

    I will send you the link ASAP.
  12. Where do I go to get new exhaust installed?

    Placing the muffler on the driver side, front end in passenger front side, the pipe can be accommodate next to the side mirror, wrapped with some towels to not scratch anything.
  13. Where do I go to get new exhaust installed?

    Important: Make sure the place you take your car to won’t cut your OEM original exhaust system. And yes, it does fit inside the car, for you to bring it back home & store it. :thumbsup:
  14. Why did Honda put such a tiny intercooler in the Type R?

    I think this comes down to the idiotic engineering decision of compliance under regular working parameters for the car. BUT a selfish way to not back up your product with better parts – this is the bad side of the modular parts spectrum when it comes to some forgotten models, you called it: SS's...
  15. Hood Vents
  16. Prl flex fuel kit with mishimoto catch can

    Look on Facebook pages, someone posted have installed both items successfully.