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  1. Exhaust Noises after Downpipe / Frontpipe

    Its the factory exhaust bro. Shit sucks.
  2. How to get yellow fog lights for 2020?

    I did. just have patience. i used a rubber squeegee.
  3. Momo steering wheel horn button connection

    thanks again. I sent you a PM.
  4. Will injectors gum up on ARCO gas?

    Google what spoiled E85 looks like. Its like gelatin.
  5. How to get yellow fog lights for 2020?

    @Seth_FC3 has yellow Lamin-x over his fog lights.
  6. Will injectors gum up on ARCO gas?

    Although what everybody is saying about Ethanol is true, when ethanol gets old and sits in a tank too long it turns solid. Like a clear goo.
  7. Momo steering wheel horn button connection

    Could you send me via PM exactly what you purchased so I could do the same?
  8. Momo steering wheel horn button connection

    How are you able to bypass the airbag light / steering wheel controls? I've been dying to do this but what's stopping me is the "air bag fault" message covering all my dash info on startup.
  9. 2020 suspension

    Anything non-si non-R has the same suspension except that hatch vs. sedan/coupe spring rates are different.
  10. Considering parting ways

    I live in miami. Just the other day somebody broke into my car and stole my drivers airbag along with my Hondata flashpro amongst smaller things i had inside my car. Theft and fraud are very common here and that is why my insurance is so high. I am 22, turn 23 in april. I got requoted and it...
  11. To those with a white Si Coupe

    opinions. opinions.
  12. First Boosted K20C2!

    This is the entire argument Toto is trying to tell OP. OP does not have a aftermarket ecu. and insists that he tuned with a ktuner. The car will not run correctly. and under load quite possibly will give out a very loud bang, and fail.
  13. First Boosted K20C2!

    A naturally aspirated V8 is not gaining another 100hp from an intake / bolt ons brother. Sorry to say, gains on a NA car with bolt ons is not like a turbo car. Perhaps maybe 20-40 whp increase, and that's on the high side just to be sure. ;) The big turbos for these cars keep the torque down...
  14. First Boosted K20C2!

    It's not that its not worth it, It's that you physically cannot correctly tune the car for the usage of a turbo because you cannot read manifold pressures therefore unable to regulate ANYTHING that has to do with the turbo. The ecu is designed to read vacuum because it is Naturally aspirated, it...
  15. Need help finding good BRONZE wheel lug nuts. help please.

    Rays sells bronze coloured lug nuts. Just keep in mind Rays Engineering is top quality stuff and the price will reflect as such.
  16. How do I find a shop that will do mods?

    They sell small "mechanic" kits for under $50. Some of the larger ones are like $80 max. Comes with common socket sizes and a ratchet / ratcheting screwdriver. After a few installs I actually bought a torque wrench and a socket set for it because I wanted to make sure things get torqued to spec...
  17. First Boosted K20C2!

    No way to read Manifold pressure on these cars. It literally cannot be done unless you run a aftermarket ecu like a HALTECH, AEM, MoTeC, etc.
  18. First Boosted K20C2!

    A FBO flex fuel SI will give a lot of muscle cars a run for their money. Even if underpowered compared to a 400-500ish HP Muscle car, they weigh a lot less. :catfight::innocent:
  19. First Boosted K20C2!

  20. What car do you plan on getting next?

    I plan to part out the Civic in the next coming months. I really want to buy a 90s Toyota Chaser,