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  1. 360 whp goal whos got a mod list

    If you are talking about wheel horsepower than no way it will happen. You can MAYBE hit 300 without ethanol. Best bet would be to wait for 27won to drop the new W2. Some people barely touch 300whp with the PRL kit or the W1. So the new W2 when it comes out may make more power without ethanol...
  2. Help finding Exhaust shop, South FL

    Asian motors, Trini built performance
  3. Civic Si/R Vs Nissan 400Z Proto

    Looks ok to me, I like the overall shape, but think both bumpers need a little work or mods. Either way I’m sold for a VR30 with a manual. I’ve been super tempted to get a used Q50 since they could be had for so cheap but I just love driving manual still. My dad just got another 300zx TT I would...
  4. custom tune

  5. MAPerformance Intake Questions

    I’m no tuner, at all, but idk what your Intercooler has to do with a lean condition :dunno: ... Etune with drob!!
  6. MAPerformance Intake Questions

    When you say you’ve seen +25 was it during a second during a shift or was it actually at that number for a while. Are you watching trims through blutooth?(Honda hack screen, android tablet etc.) I know when it can lag a little sometimes and give a flash of weird numbers. When I first got...
  7. MAPerformance Intake Questions

    Naw stock is boring lmao, but if you’re running MAP tune call them see if you can send them some data logs to look at and check out your trims. I’ve always got good customer service from them I’m sure they’ll be helpful. I wouldn’t use a local tuner who hasn’t tuned a bunch of 10th gens yet
  8. MAPerformance Intake Questions

    Naw I used my local pro tuner javi, he tuned enough 10th gens in my area for me to trust him. Although he even admitted to me at the time that he still considered himself new to tuning them
  9. MAPerformance Intake Questions

    Etune with drob!!
  10. custom tune

    Lol all good it happens
  11. custom tune

    27won w1 is the drop in turbo
  12. FYI for those with the TSP Stage 1 tune

    MAP specifically says on the site not to use the intake with other tunes.
  13. Si A quiet exhaust?

    If it’s a lease and you don’t plan on doing anything much to it I say just swap the mufflers for performance mufflers. You’ll save a ton of weight, super cheap, and it’ll still be very quiet with stock cats and exhaust piping. It’s also easier to store the mufflers alone rather than the entire...
  14. Si Price for a custom tune?

    Custom tune ranges from maybe 300-700$ depending on different things. Also I would advise going to a tuner who specifically tunes 10th generation civics a lot. They are very different from older civics and I believe have some weird things to them, such as the point they run out of fuel.
  15. MAPerformance Intake Questions

    Sounds about fine to me then, but I believe custom tuning is the way to go regardless
  16. MAPerformance Intake Questions

    0-3% driving and it slowly goes to -10% max after idling for a while
  17. MAPerformance Intake Questions

    Yep I went custom tune within the same day I put it on
  18. MAPerformance Intake Questions

    Yep, sure do!
  19. Florida WTB stock DP heat shields

  20. Florida WTB stock DP heat shields

    Hey looking for the stock heat shields that attach to the downpipe