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  1. What does code "0" mean in minder??

    Aite thank, its just weird that in my civic manual, i only see code A, B etc with number 1, 2, 3 etc and no 0.
  2. What does code "0" mean in minder??

    Might be a stupid question here, but what does this code "0" mean?
  3. Skittles Part 2

    This is probably the best color i ever seen on a Civix coupe, make me want to trade in my sedan and make a coupe exactly like Skittles.
  4. Seeing other 16's civics

    Not just at nigh, after seeing so many cvix as of late, i still am very impressed with the car's look whenever i drove past one.
  5. Seeing other 16's civics

    Alot of civix spotted in Mtl, even saw a coupe. A month ago, i can barely find one on the road.
  6. Seeing other 16's civics

    Alot of civix spotted in Mtl, even saw a coupe. A month ago, i can barely find one on the road.
  7. New Here- trying to decide on my first vehicle! 2016 Civic vs 2016 Prius

    The money you'll be saving from gas is basically equal to the extra cost over the civix when buying a Prius, what you'll get in return is a shitty looking car, less feature, power and driving characteristics. It's a no brainer.
  8. Gas Mileage

    The lowest i ever got on a trip is 4.4 l/100kms(53.4 mpg), going around 50 km/h speed.
  9. Being an Uber/LyftDriver

    I saw peoples that shat in an uber car and it's diarrhea to boost, so no, never be an Uber driver.
  10. Official MODERN STEEL METALLIC Civic Thread

    Shine like a diamond in the sky...
  11. Teaser: 2016 Civic 1.5L MagnaFlow Cat Back Exhaust

    I think a parallelogram shape exhauste would look better.
  12. Switching from an Audi

    27 k for a touring isn't so bad, here in Canada, you can be looking at 30+ k before taxes and fees which came out at 33 k, canadian dollars really suck.
  13. Info on 2016 Civic's Hankook Kinergy GT / Firestone FT140 tires

    I got the Pirelli p7 all season plus and even on ice/snow at reasonable speed, my abs and traction control never come on, running throught water and the steering wheel is stable as a rock, amazing breaking too.
  14. April 2016 sales.

    There're some trues in what you said tho lol.
  15. Silver EXL with body kit

    The front and rear doesn't blend well, the side is very nice tho.
  16. Apparently Honda is doing maximum damage control at dealerships

    Try reseting your infotainments system, fixed the time not updating for me, AA still doesn't connect tho...
  17. Is Taffeta White okay for a guy?

    You're buying it for yourseft, not for your friend. Chose the color that you like so you won't have any regret later on.
  18. Event: Honda Announces HT3 Driving Shoe Inspired by 2016 Honda Civic

    will this shoe give me an extra 10 hps?
  19. Black Crocodile 2016 Civic Touring

    Loving the rim, what are those?