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  1. Crunching sound while exiting garage

    My car has less than 3000 miles. I’ve removed a wheel 3 times to free a stuck pebble. It’s disappointingly common.
  2. My CTR got rear-ended :(

    I thought this was a factory feature.
  3. Harassed By 5-0

    So far I’ve had zero attention from law enforcement. I blew past one doing 87 in a 70 one morning on a deserted freeway. He must have been asleep. I was already getting my insurance info ready, but he never pulled out. Around here it’s the 84 month loan Nissan’s that are the big speeders, not...
  4. The most annoying thing about the 2020 type R

    I really like the auto high beam. So far it's activated automatically for me in exactly the situations I would normally turn them on myself. No issues with the auto lights themselves either. Sometimes they turn on in underpasses or tunnels, but every car I've owned with auto lights does that. I...
  5. Camping with the CTR

    Brave to do forest service roads on the OEM wheels. Don't think that's something I would try. We have no spare.
  6. A noob question - How should we use the "G Force" indicator??

    I find it totally useless unless reviewing logR data. If you are going fast enough to get meaningful numbers from it, you really can't be staring at it. Super dangerous to not have eyes forward while trying to apex.
  7. Honda Civic Type-R Over sticker dealer naughty list.

    8 months is when the Swindon plant closes permanently. There won't be any more 10th gen hatches of any sort 8 months from now.
  8. 2020 SportLine Fk8 Black Front Seat Covers

    Good god. How much for the entire seat assembly?
  9. How do you guys do a 'CLEAN' oil change?

    I take it to Honda. So far I haven’t made any mess at all.
  10. What did you drive before the Type R came out? How did you hear about it?

    I’m a hot hatch whore. I’ve had a 2007 Mazdaspeed 3, a 2009 Mazdaspeed 3 and a 2010 GTI. I briefly went over to an NC Miata and a Camry after my son was born in an effort to have practicality and fun. Sold both to buy the CTR. It is without question the best vehicle I’ve ever owned. It has just...
  11. Honda Civic Type-R Over sticker dealer naughty list.

    Nice. I’ve been following this thread since I bought mine at the end of May. Feels like you’ve been in the hunt at least that long.
  12. For Sale (SoCal): 2019 CBP w/ 9000 miles

    I’m not in the market, but from a buyer’s perspective: no price means you aren’t serious about selling it. Would you contact a dealer that didn’t list a price? I wouldn’t. Just something to think about.
  13. Are forged rims really worth it ??>

    Performance? Not really. I autocross on the 19" Motegi's. The ride is definitely less harsh, lateral grip is higher due to the 200 TW tires I have on there. Acceleration feels similar. Turn in feels a but muddier and less sharp. For in town driving I actually prefer the feel of the 20's. That...
  14. MUGEN HYDROPHILIC LED SIDE MIRRORS- Do you think it works to adapt the turning signal LED to light the blind spot assistent LED ?

    Well, I can't answer your question because no Civic in North America was equipped with blind spot monitoring. I wonder if we could retrofit it from a European car? I wish we had it.
  15. Got alignment but car still pulls to the left

    Do you have Michelin PS4's? I've heard this can be a problem with them.
  16. What do you use to clean your dash?

    Bingo. Everything else is snake oil. Don’t waste money.
  17. 2020 Civic Type R Reviews Compilation

    It’s been changed. It was 4.1 when it was first posted.
  18. Anybody know what this is? Orange plastic on the suspension

    My dealer actually gave me the spacers along with the build sheet from the plant. I have them in a drawer in the garage.