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  1. FK8 2020 - How can I remove the wireless charger ?

    I find that gently lifting from the back of the charger the surrounding piece of the actual charger, unscrew those 2 screws and lift up the actual charger gently, you can also unplug the charger when you lift it up off the console, hope that helps.
  2. PRL HVI CAI - HELP!!!!!!!!

    @PRL Motorsports I would also like a new hose, thank you.
  3. PRL HVI CAI - HELP!!!!!!!!

    Ah damn I just recently bought their intake too lol
  4. 2020 SportLine Fk8 Black Front Seat Covers

    I might be interested in the near future, don’t go anywhere lol
  5. ICB Motorsport's/J's Racing CF/FRP Hood

    Anxiously waiting till the end of October to get mines painted and installed :headbang:
  6. Nissan Z

    If anyone is interested in watching the unveiling today: 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET @boosted180sx I tagged you because you seem like the other only person interested lol
  7. FK8 Inlet Pipes

    811Motorworks Inlet Pipe Price: ???
  8. Holy crap I made Jalopnik!

    Tl;dr You will always be known as the guy that learned stick shift on the Type R to me, best of luck on your future endeavors!
  9. Nissan Z

  10. Longest you’ve waited for Aftermarket parts?

    I’ve waited a little over 7 months for the Seibon fender ducts only for the driver side to fit like shit :mad:
  11. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I can’t speak for other people around the country that has the lip kit from Seibon, but from what I’ve seen amongst the people I know, they only have problems with fitment for the front lips. The side moldings and rear diffuser seem to be spot on for one person I know.
  12. What did you do to your Type R today?
  13. Side skirts removable?

    It can be separated also, because I know a guy that installed the Seibon CF side moldings on his car. @Kevin17re5 skip to the 10 minute mark:
  14. Side skirts removable?

    Yes it’s removable, Seibon makes OEM carbon fiber replacements.
  15. Do you ever get creeped out by the attention?

    The only thing that bothers me is those annoying idiots that haul ass just to tailgate me, other than that I get nice compliments.
  16. Bumper part

    Just my luck, when I need to buy a new front bumper sigh lol
  17. Bumper part

    @mmmthusiast i need a better picture of the part, could be the bumper spacer but I’m not too sure, here’s what could be the part: 71198-TGH-A01